30 Random Facts About Me!

Queen of originality here with this posts aren't I?! I mean who hasn't done this post now? Oh well, I've loved them all though because I'm just so nosey. I'll be honest it was pretty hard to think about 30 random things about myself so I had to enlist the help of Josh to get all the good one's and he thought of things that would never have crossed my mind. I wanted really random (and hopefully) interesting ones for you to read so I think there's a good selection here. So get comfy with a cuppa as it's going to be a bit of a long one, enjoy!
Cue embarrassing/funny photo's...

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  1. I had my belly button pierced for my 15th birthday but it never properly healed and less than a year later the bar dropped out and I now have a scar above my belly button.
  2. If I could go back in time I would go to the Victorian era, I just love everything about it. Which leads nicely on to my next fact...
  3. I'm a complete history geek always have been always will be. Anything historical and I love it. I think if I'd got a better mark in history at A-Level I would have quite liked to have done a degree in it.
  4. When I was a kid I was obsessed with Team Time, I never missed an episode and even had Time Team books, aged 8 I proudly announced to my parents that I was going to be an archaeologist when I was older. Tony Robinson was my hero.
  5. Another obsession as a child was Irish dancing or more specifically Riverdance videos which were played daily whilst I wore plastic dress up heels and danced around the conservatory to get my shoes to click on the floor. I was better than the pros!
  6. I cry at everything, films and books with sad stories, romantic stories and even happy stories, I cry at them.
  7. Past hair colours have included blonde, dark brown, auburn, dark red, cherry red and even black (that wasn't a good time for me and my hair!) 
  8. I've worn glasses since I was 10 and pretty much need them for everything now.
  9. When I was 15 a glass vase fell off a shelf and the heavy base hit my face smashing the tooth next to my front tooth at the top. It's now crowned and I hate it.
  10. I can't stand tea and I can't drink coffee so it's hot chocolate and peppermint tea all the way for me!
  11. Most of you know I love the Beatles however you didn't know my other favourite band is Nickelback I've been a fan since I was 11.
  12. I have abnormally tiny hands, my nails even when grown look like children's nails and rings, bracelets and watches rarely fit me. 
  13. I have a strange bit in the middle of my top lip which hangs down so when I smile I have an extra bit of skin that I've never seen on anyone else. Josh calls it my turtle bit!
  14. I don't need anyone else for a good time, I find myself so amusing and laugh at my own jokes way too much.
  15. One my favourite things to do to Josh's cats is play with their ears, by this I mean pin them down so they look like a seal and but bangles on them so they're wearing earrings. They love it.
  16. Josh once cut a big chunk out of my hair right on my crown so I had an antenna for ages that I had to plaster down with hair spray. I cried. 
  17. On my first holiday abroad with Josh I got so drunk that I tried to get into a closed perfume shop thinking it was a McDonalds, sang Womaniser on our balcony and fell asleep with my head down the toilet after throwing up. Forever classy!
  18. I have a very boyish sense of humour, internet memes provide hours of fun for me as does the programme Bottom.
  19. One of the things that makes me laugh the most is feeding cats crunchy things just to hear them crunch on it. That's not normal is it?!
  20. Thanks to Harry Potter and Dancing on Ice I want to be what Josh calls and ice skating wizard. I'd have loved to have gone to Hogwarts and I wish I could ice skate.
  21. I went through I bit of an emo phase at school (remember the black hair from number 7?) Skinnies, Vans and black hooded tops were my uniform and HIM was to be my future husband!
  22. I was walking to the bus station after college one day and at got really bad chest pains to the point where I couldn't walk, I was convinced I was having a heart attack and my dad got pretty panicked, turned out it wasn't anything to do with my heart and was something similar to indigestion brought on by stress. Oopps.
  23. I can't use lighters at all and matches scare me unless they're extra long ones. 
  24. I have a thing for older British actors with American accents in shows, they lose their appeal when they start talking in an English accent again. I'm looking at you Hugh Laurie and Damien Lewis!
  25. I can't say the words breakfast, keyring or x-ray. I insert extra letters so it's breakfrast, keyering and xer-ray. It drives Josh mad but I can't change how a talk!
  26. There are two songs that make me wish I had a good singing voice, Oh Darling by The Beatles and Call Me Back Again by Paul McCartney, I'd love to belt them out and it actually sound good.
  27. I've never had a single driving lesson and not been able to drive doesn't bother me. However I want to be able to drive just so I can play one song really loud, We Got Married by Paul McCartney, I just call it my driving song now.
  28. I have so many Beatles tops it could now be classed as a collection.
  29. Until I finished school I wanted to be a vet then I realised a wasn't smart enough.
  30. I've fallen down stairs so many times that I now have a fear of stairs and do this weird thing where I shuffle right to the edge, stop and then plod down them. Josh likes to do impressions of this.
So they were my 30 random facts, I really enjoyed thinking up odd things to put on this list so I hope you enjoyed it too. If you've done a random facts post link me in the comments

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  1. Poor kitty! I only use lighters if they're the longer ones for lighting candles and stuff x


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