Happy List #83

I haven't done a Happy List since just before Christmas so this one is the first one of 2013! I have quite a lot of photo's this week as Josh and I have been out on a few walks and I've been buying a few new things. After this one I'm not sure how regular the Happy Lists are going to be as I have a new uni module starting next week meaning I'm going to be in uni more than what I have been. It may be that I only do the Happy List every two or three weeks with a collection of photo's from over that period of time rather than photo's that have just been taken over the week. 
I hope you've all been enjoying the snow! I'm not usually a big fan of snow but when I don't have anywhere to go or anything to do I love it so I throughly enjoyed pulling on my wellies and going out to play yesterday! This week Josh and I also found a new little place to walk, it's not too far from us and it's the site of an old monastery, although there's not really much left of the old buildings now it's still nice to walk around.
 Our walk to the old monastery
 Malteser bunnies are back! / Little squirrel / My new bag from the Zara sale / Snow!
 Snowy church / Snowy cathedral / Cold squirrel

And finally, you may remember this Tuesday Treats post where I featured two pairs of boots and I couldn't decide which pair to buy, well in a moment of madness and with some encouragement from Josh I ordered both pairs (oopps) and I'm glad I did now because I really love them both! I couldn't fit them into a collage with the other photo's so here are some separate photo's of them.

 With it snowing I haven't had the chance to wear either pair yet but I'm genuinely looking forwards to wearing them which is kind of sad really! I need to stop buying shoes because I literally cannot fit anymore pairs in the bottom of my wardrobe!

What have you been up to this week? Let me know!


  1. I love the malteaser bunnies(and your shoes) x

  2. Love that Zara bag! I'm obsessed with Zara (and malteser bunnies) :) x

  3. Beautiful pictures hun! I love your new bag, Zara always seems to get it so right! And I'm so excited for the malteser bunnies, they're SO yummy! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

    1. Thanks, they really are I wish you could get them all year! xx

  4. What a beautiful place. And how many squirrels do you guys have over there?! :) They're probably my favourite animals so I think I'd never get tired of walks around there. :)


    1. There aren't too many squirrels I just like getting photo's of them! It is really nice to walk around :) xx


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