A day in the life...

On Tuesday I decided to get a photo every hour and blog what I got up to that day (I say I got the photo's, I mean Josh as he's the one with the iphone!) I thought it would be fun to look back on as Tuesday was a busyish day too. I got a photo of something that happened within every hour starting from 9am so a photo between 9-10, 10-11 and so on. On Tuesday we had to move rooms, it's a very long story but our old room is full on damp and mould (nice!) and we couldn't move into the new room until 5pm. We had to take everything with us so there was a lot of stuff! We should only be in the new room for a couple of weeks but I don't mind because the new room is actually really nice. After we'd finished unpacking and moving neither of us could be bothered to cook so we headed to Wetherspoons which was a nice little treat.
So here's what I got up to on Tuesday....

 9-10 Porridge and peppermint tea to start the day / 10-11 Watching TV
 11-12 Watching Zero Dark Thirty / 12-1 Soup and crusty bread for lunch (and still watching Zero Dark Thirty)
 1-2 Uploading my latest video to YouTube and blogging / 2-3 Playing on Hay Day
 3-4 Having a cake break / 4-5 Packing up our old room
 5-6 Moving all our stuff and saying goodbye to an empty room 82 / 6-7 Moving and saying hello to a very messy room 56 (this isn't even half of the stuff we moved!)
 7-8 BBQ chicken and a glass of wine / 8-9 Chocolate fudge cake (and a bigger glass of wine!)
 9-10 Watching The Undateables / 10-11 Ready for bed in my onesie

So that was my day, despite all the moving and unpacking I had a pretty good day. The new room we have is lovely and so much quieter as the neighbours back at our old room were very noisy, plus we have a chair in this one! The spontaneous trip to Wetherspoons made a nice change too and the food was delicious, as was the wine! I really enjoyed capturing my day and I'd definitely do one of these posts again as it's nice to look back on. 


  1. I'm super nosey so love posts like this! Sounds like a good day, it's good that your new temporary room is a nice one :) xx

    1. Me too! I love reading posts like this! xx

  2. Glad your move went well, cake looks so good :D x

  3. I hope you're all sorted in your new room, yay for leaving those noisy neighbours behind! Very jealous of all the food you ate, and of course the rose wine xxx


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