Photo Diary: My Christmas

This is going to be a long one so grab a cuppa, sit back and relax! I thought I'd do a post letting you know what I got up to over Christmas, just so you know there will be photo's of some of the presents I received in this post, it's not show off or be big headed about what I was lucky enough to receive but I blog for me and I like to look back on things like this and to be honest I was too busy eating and having a good time to get any other photo's. I did get quite a few of my niece as it was her first Christmas but I won't be sharing those on here I'm afraid. 
So I'll get on with it... My Christmas began on Sunday night when I went to Josh's with all his presents, we set them all out under the little tree he has in his room then spent the night watching TV with some drinks. Josh and I don't get to see each other Christmas day so we open our presents from each other on Christmas eve, we were up bright and early that morning for bacon sandwiches and some TV watching before the present opening began! I loved absolutely everything Josh got me and I was so lucky to receive a record player (we have some Beatles records that we've collected and now I can finally play them!) as well as an iPad!!! The iPad is only the first generation one so obviously it's not new but it's perfect for what I want it for and I couldn't believe he'd bought me one, thankyou so much Josh! The rest of the day was spent lounging around in the onsie that his parents bought me (it's my first ever onsie and my god is it comfortable even if it is massive on me!) and watching TV whilst attempting to take the cats for a walk on a lead that Josh bought as a joke, the cat's weren't playing though! 
Christmas eve night I was back at home where I relaxed with my Dad and stepmum and drank Baileys, ate Lindt chocolates and watched the Snowman and the Snowdog and the Trollied Christmas special. The whole day was a perfect start to Christmas.

Christmas day I was awake bright and early with excitement, I like the fact that I'm still quite childish in that respect and the excitement of Christmas hasn't worn off yet. After tucking into some big sausage sarnie's for breakfast I slipped into my new dress and got ready to visit my family including my gran, mum and my stepsister. It was my niece's first Christmas so although at 7 months she is too young to understand what's happening I was excited to see her as the last time I saw her was in September, I swear she just keeps getting cuter! I loved helping her open the presents I bought her and playing with them with her. Whilst there my stepsister took what has to be one of my favourite photo's of this year of my Dad, stepmum, niece and me. I don't like to put photo's of my niece on here so I'm really sorry I won't be sharing it with you but I'll definitely be getting the photo printed off as I adore it! When we'd visited everyone we headed back home for our Christmas dinner which was bloody amazing, my Dad makes such a good Christmas dinner. Afterwards when we were full up on good food we finally opened our presents from each other, I received some really lovely stuff from my Dad and stepmum including another Nomination bracelet charm, remembering that I wanted to fill it with things personal to me they bought me my star sign, Leo.
We spent the rest of the evening with a glass of wine, chatting and watching TV and finally making room for dessert.
I went to bed full and worn out but feeling incredibly fortunate to have had such an amazing Christmas and have such a wonderful family and boyfriend. 

 Pretty lights / pretty tree / Dad's homemade mince pies (which are lovely) / My niece's little stocking
 Presents at Josh / Josh opening one of his presents / my massive onsie
 Attempting to walk the cat / All our presents from each other at Josh's / Huge present
 New Nomination Charm (it's too little to get a good photo of) / Benefit blusher / record player / Beatles t-shirt

 All my presents (minus the record player and iPad) / record player / Jean Paul Gaultier perfume

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