Birmingham Christmas Market

Last Friday Josh and I went to Birmingham for lunch and a browse around the Christmas Market, we've been every year since we moved here and this was our last year going to it (sad face). We decided to go later in the afternoon so we could have our food and then wonder around the market when it was all lit up in the dark. We went to an amazing Chinese buffet called Ming Moon which I would highly recommend if you're in Birmingham, there was so much food and they had Christmas songs playing and crackers on the table! Plus it was really delicious, Josh is quite picky when it comes to food and he loved it! After we'd stuffed ourselves to the point of almost bursting we headed to the shops where Josh got side tracked by a music shop so we spent ages in there. I didn't go in too many shops in the Bullring as it was so busy but I popped in Selfridges purely for the huge Paperchase they have in there. I bought some Christmas tape for my presents and a little card that I had a DIY project planned for. 
By this time it was dark so we headed out to the market which looked beautiful all lit up. Some of the stalls looked lovely adorned in lights with pretty ornaments on them. I bought some chocolate things filled with marshmellow, Josh and I call them Dalek's because we don't actually know the proper name for them! I ended up buying 10 because they so cheap but yummy. We then stopped at a stall selling hot chocolate in cute little cups so I had one with Baileys in it, it was one of the best hot chocolate's I've ever had it was really thick, not like any I've drunk before. I imagine it to be like the hot chocolate on Polar Express!
After I was full up on hot chocolate we made our way back down the other side of the market and when we reached the end I called back to the first stall we'd visited and bought a cute little snow globe. Josh and I have a little joke about snow globe's which I won't bother explaining on here so after years of him laughing at me about them it was only right that I finally bought one!
Feeling all festive and cheery but a little worn out we finally headed back home to watch Nativity (which is set where we live!). 
It was the perfect final trip to Birmingham Christmas market.


  1. Lovely pictures! I love Christmas markets they make you feel so festive! xx

  2. Looks so pretty! I hope our Christmas market will be as lovely as this. :)

    Indie by heart

  3. Hi!
    You have such a pretty blog :)
    Love the xmas markets- always makes me feel chrsitmassy!


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