Happy List #82

Well this is my last blog post until after Christmas and probably my last Happy List of 2012 as I think I'll just do little photo diary catch up posts over the Christmas period. I can't believe how long I've been doing these posts now but I do really look forwards to these one's. It's nice to keep things cheery and look back at all the good things and I really like looking back over these posts to see what I was doing at the same time last year. It's easy to be miserable and moan and I do my fair share of that but it's nice to have something cheery on here so I hope you still enjoy these posts as much as I do. 
There's been a mix of things happening this past week, last Saturday I let Josh open his main Christmas present from me as it was a little too big to take home only for him to have to take it back to uni anyway (I got him a blu-ray player), we also celebrated our five year anniversary and went out for a meal and some drinks, Josh bought me a lovely charm for my Nomination bracelet for our anniversary it's too little to get a decent photo of but it's this one. Then on Thursday we traveled home ready for Christmas.

 Black forest hot chocolate / Josh opening his main present
 Little indoor picnic / Giant German hotdog

What I wore to go out for our anniversary / Josh sent me this photo of all my presents he's bought me, I've been spoilt this year. We have our Christmas on Christmas Eve as we don't see each other Christmas day so I can't wait to give Josh all his other presents then!

Seen as this is my last post until after Christmas I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and enjoy yourselves! Merry Christmas!


  1. Sounds like a fantastic week! Happy anniversary and hope you have a wonderful Christmas :)xx


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