5 Years...

Happy 5th Anniversary!
I just want to thankyou for everything you do and for all the amazing memories you've given me in the last five years. Who knew when we first started talking over the chocolate fountain at college that we'd shortly get together and still be that way five years on. The first present you ever bought me was a bottle of coke and a bag of Malteser's because you'd read on my Myspace (old school!) that I loved those two things. Five years on you still buy me a bottle of  cherry coke and a bag of Malteser's every Christmas but I can honestly say it's one of the best presents ever :) 
I love everything we've done in the past five years from our first holiday abroad together, to mini breaks in Liverpool and York and moving to uni together and I can't wait for many more years of wonderful memories with you. 
You introduced me to the Beatles which was probably a mistake as my obsession is at times a little out of hand and you've turned me into a bit of a geek but that's ok because I've turned you into a little fatty by introducing you to good food that isn't chips and chicken nuggets! We're stupid and childish together and have the weirdest of conversations late at night, you make me laugh until I cry and put up with my (amazing) dancing!

I love you so much, Lauren xxx

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