Happy List #76

Nothing too exciting has gone on this week but I still have lots of photo's to show you. Last Saturday it was really cold so we wrapped up and went for a really long walk by the canal, my new hat even got its first outing. Then on Thursday Josh suggested going out for drinks as Wetherspoons has drinks offers on Tuesday's and Thursday, we don't go out too often as we prefer nice nights in with a film or something but I'll admit it was good to dust off my heels and go out, especially when I discovered that my favourite drink (Fireball cinnamon whisky with apple juice) is now available in a cocktail pitcher! Then yesterday when my tiny hangover had worn off (it was nothing a bacon sandwich couldn't fix!) we went for a walk to the park and fed the ducks then called at Starbucks so I could have my first Christmas drink of the year, although unfortunateley I think it may have been my last too, me and coffee don't seem to go well together anymore.

 My new hat had its first outing / Josh carved a pumpkin / Reflections in the canal
 Dressed up for drinks / Plum and glitter nails / Cocktails
Trying out my new Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick / Gingerbread latte / Toffee Apple

What have you been up to this week? Let me know!

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