London 2012 - Part 2

I'm going to crack straight on with more photo's of my time in London as I'm going to do a London roundup and reviews post on Friday as I'm thinking I'm probably going to do another photo diary tomorrow. The post on Friday will basically be a massive ramble about the things I did in London, prices of things, places I visited and mini reviews so if your interested in that keep a look out for it. If you missed yesterday's photo diary you can catch up here. On to more photo's...

View from the top of the Tower Bridge exhibition / Tower of London / Climbing the 311 stairs to the top of the Monument / View from the top of the Monument / Horse Guards at Buckingham Palace / Buckingham Palace at night / Hard Rock Cafe / Inside the Hard Rock Cafe shop / Sipping cocktail at the Hard Rock Cafe / Pickled Tink cockatail (love the name!) / War Memorial / A rose I was given by a waiter / Wicked / Giant cookie / The Shard / Guard at Buckingham Palace


  1. Oooh your photos are great, I love the rose one, very arty! Good work on climbing the 311 stairs! You've managed to do everything! xxx

  2. Thanks! I'll admit I wasn't that great at climbing the stairs I felt like I was dying when I reached the top! xxx


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