London 2012 - Part 1

It's official I'm in love with the Capital, I've got a taste for the London life and I love it!
Yesterday afternoon I arrived back from a weekend in London, some of you may remember that my parents booked me the trip for my 21st birthday (which was back in July but they didn't want to book it when the Olympics were on), they booked a lovely hotel and tickets to see Wicked on Saturday night. No words can describe how amazing I've found this weekend. Wicked was so good I'd highly recommend seeing it if you are wanting to go and see a show. Also the hotel we stayed in was just lovely, usually Josh and I just stay in Travelodge's which is fine for us but it was nice to have a touch of luxury for my birthday! For anyone who's interested we stayed in the Victoria area in the Grange Rochester Hotel, I'd highly recommend the area as it's pretty close to a lot of things (if you are quite happy to walk) and it's a really lovely area also the hotel is really nice. As expected I have so many photo's obviously I won't bore you with all 215 of them but I will do two or three posts on London they're not in chronological order because I'll be honest I can't be bothered ordering them on this page but basically on Saturday we went to Buckingham Palace then to see Wicked at night, on Sunday we explored and walked for hours been typical toursits and finding things the old fashioned way with a map in hand and a sense of adventure then went to the Hard Rock Cafe at night and Monday I went to a few shops then we came home. So on with the photo's...(photo heavy)

Our room / view from our room / Victoria Memorial / Josh at Buckingham Palace / Me at Buckingham Palace / London Eye / St James' Park / Our hotel / Houses of Parliament / London Eye / Thames / Globe Theatre / Locked up in Clink Prison Museum / Clink Prison Museum / HMS Belfast / Tower Bridge open / Josh at Tower Bridge


  1. Ohhh you had great weather for it! I really want to see Wicked so look forward to your post on it! I can't believe you went to the Clink Prison Museum, I walk past it all the time but never go in, is it good? how much is it? Tell me more! xxx

    1. I was considering doing a little roundup of reviews etc of the things I'd done in London after the photo diaries but I wasn't sure if anyone would be interested but I'll definitely do one now so it should be up this week as I'm going to do one or two more photo diaries so I'll put the roundup on towards the end of the week! xxx

    2. Eeep I look forward to it! I've just noticed your lush pink bag as well, super pretty xxx


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