Happy List #74

I seem to have a quite a few photo's to show you this week, I much prefer doing my Happy List this new way as I seem to have more to blog about. I've included a photo of my niece this week as the photo made me so happy, I was really unsure of whether to include a photo of her or not as she is now around 5 months old and I've never put any photo's on here but it was too cute not to share, I've checked with my stepsister though and she was fine with me just including this one photo so enjoy the cuteness!

 Baked a cake / Primark Christmas candle that smells lovely / Chocolate buttons pudding / My amazing new hat
 Signed Greg Davies tickets / Super glittery nails / Went to see Sinister - it gave me nightmares / My gorgeous niece, Alice. I could spend all day looking at her smiling face on this photo!
 Outfit for cinema / Outfit for Greg Davies
My new dress that I won in a Missguided competition it looks gorgeous on / Ignore the rubbish quality of the phone photo but me and Greg Davies, check out the height difference!


  1. The dress looks amazing :)

  2. Ahhhh cute niece Lauren! I love the peplum top you has as well. I'm off to Primark today so will have a look at the candles there! Very jealous of you seeing Greg Davis, cool he signed the tickets! xxx

    1. Thanks! The candle is definitely worth £1.50 it smells so good. Greg Davies was extremely funny too xxx

  3. So jealous you got to meet Greg Davies! My husband and I are seeing him on November 4th so I might have to do some serious lurking around after the show! xxx


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