Happy List #73

You lucky lot are getting an abundance of posts from me this week aren't you?! Well now I'm back with another Happy List and a slight change in the layout of the whole thing. I've got a little bored of the layout of my Happy Lists and thought something a little snappier and less rambly would be better so gone are the photo's and writing for each day (because to be honest I don't always have something happy to write about for each day) and in comes a collage or two of all the happy things that have filled my week. Enjoy!

 Been in London for the weekend / Seeing Wicked / Eating a Happy Meal / Buying the Wonderful Wizard of Oz book
 Discovering that my favourite hand cream is free in Marie Claire - a picked two up for me and one for my Christmas giveaway / Eating cheesecake / Buying a Tower Bridge charm for my Nomination bracelet (it's gone next to my '21' charm seen as London was a present for my 21st) / Loving all the pretty colours of the Lush Christmas gifts

Because I have blogged a lot this week here's a little reminder in case you've missed anything: London photo diaries here, here and here and London reviews here.

What do you think of the new Happy List? Let me know!


  1. I like the new happy list! I agree that it must be hard to think of something for every day, there are days (like today) where I just do nothing at all. I'm glad London was so good, and thanks for putting the price of the Clink museum up, and I didn't know about the Tower Bridge museum thing! xxx

    1. Thanks! And you're welcome :) let me know if you visit either! xxx

  2. I NEED to pick up a Marie Claire to try the hand cream!! :)



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