Happy List #72

This weeks Happy List is more of a little catch up then anything as I have a few photo's to share with you but I don't have something for every day like in the usual Happy Lists. I only moved back to Coventry just over a week ago and then spent half of the week feeling really ill. I'm almost better know so it's all good as I'm off to London for the weekend this afternoon so I didn't want to be ill for that. I can't begin to explain how excited I am to be going to London, my parents paid for the trip for my 21st birthday present (which was at the end of July) and they booked my tickets for Wicked tomorrow night too. Can't wait! 

Also this week I started back at uni, my third and final year which is pretty scary, with that came the slight stress of deciding on a dissertation or final project. Thankfully yesterday it was like a lightbulb had gone on in my head and I suddenly realised exactly what I want to do so I feel much better about that and I'm actually looking forwards to making I start (I imagine I'll feel so different about that in a few months!) I decided on a final project as opposed to dissertation as it's much more practical and hands on which appeals to me more. 

One final piece of news, and not to bring a sadness to the whole Happy List idea but at the beginning of the week Josh and I found out that one of Josh's cats back home had been shot with a pellet gun. Luckily after an emergency operation Ziggy (the cat) is doing well but I have to say at the time it wasn't looking good. As I huge animal lover and someone who for a very long time harboured the dream of becoming a vet I cannot even begin to imagine what sort of low life would want to do that to an animals. I makes me mad to think that someone has intentionally shot a cat and I really hope the whole saying of what goes around comes around is true because whoever did it is clearly a heartless, evil person. As I say Ziggy is doing so well know and he's even in the local paper today with Josh's brother. I'm just glad he's recovering!

Anyway this has turned into a long post, oopps! So I'll stop rambling and get on with this weeks photos!

 New MUA purchases / New slipper socks / What I wore to the cinema last night / Food at Harvester last night (this is Josh's, I had the same but with BBQ sauce) / Saw The Campaign is was ok but not the best film ever / Ziggy in the local paper

Hope you've all had a good week. I'll be back next week with one or two London photo diaries!


  1. Oh no! So sorry to hear about the cat, some people are beyond cruel! Mmm that chicken looks lovely, I'm now trying to resist walking to the Harvester that's two minutes away from me! x

  2. I know they are. I'd never been to Harvester before but I'll definitely be going back! xx


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