How to make extra money on Ebay

It's been such a long time since I did one of these posts hasn't it? Today I'll be telling you how you can make extra money on Ebay. I figured that with people heading back to university and people going for the first time it was time to kick start this little series again. For anyone who has only just stumbled across my money saving/money making posts or for anyone who wants to refresh their memories you can look at all the past posts here where I've covered the topics of films/cinema, food shopping, how to manage your student loan so you can live and still have treats and making money from survey sites as well us update posts which include a few extra little tips.

So for this installment I'm going to talk about buying and selling on Ebay. There's some great bargains to be had on Ebay if you take the time to look around. As a rule I won't buy from overseas such as China, Hong Kong etc as although they tend to be even cheaper I just don't fancy the risk of something not turning up or something not been right when it turns up as it would be more difficult to return, however this is just a personal preference and where you order from is entirely up to you. Recently I'd looked at a pair of Disco Pant leggings and a skull jumper which were £19 and £15 on one particular site so I decided to have a look on Ebay and found a UK seller with the exact same leggings for sale for around £12, I then found another UK seller with the exact same jumper for around £8 so I snapped those up straight away. Apart from the price there was no difference between the items from Ebay and the items from this particular website and the quality was really good. It just goes to show that if you have the time to shop around a little you can find some real bargains.

Now onto the main focus on this post, selling on Ebay. I just happen to have a bunch of items for sale on Ebay but I promise that isn't why I've done this post! But incase you are interested you can look at my items here. I've sold a few clothes, shoes and bags on Ebay and it's a great way to declutter and earn a little extra money so here's some tips I have for you when it comes to selling on Ebay:
  • Make sure the item is in good condition, don't sell any old rubbish otherwise you won't attract any buyers or you will receive bad feedback which will earn you a bad reputation.
  • Be honest in you description, for example if you aren't great at sewing and something has lost a button or a belt loop has become unstitched say so. I once sold a pair of trousers where one of the belt loops needed a couple of stitches but I stated so and they still sold, very minor things like that don't tend to make a difference to the quality of the item. Also buyers like to know what kind of home the item has come from such as smoke and pet free but don't write this if it isn't the case as again you will receive bad feedback for lying.
  • Include clear photo's and more than one if necessary to capture any details that you think will make the item more attractive to the buyer. 
  • Wait for Ebay to offer free listing. This happens quite regular so you can list a bunch of stuff for free and you only pay if it sells. However free listing is only for the bidding option not buy it now so if you use free listing bare this in mind.
  • Be realistic with your prices. As I only use free listing which is only for the bidding option I tend to start most of my items off at around £3 or £4 sometimes higher if it's a really good item. The majority of the time my items items will either go for the price they started at or just a little more but trust me those £3 and £4's soon add up in your Paypal account. So don't be greedy and offer fair prices, after all if your selling clothes chances are they're used so you can't expect to get back what you paid in the first place!
  • Give as much information in the title as you can. Size, colour, type of item etc all help attract buyers and help with searches
  • Think about what time is the best to list an item as what ever time you list is the time the item will finish. Something finishing at 8.30pm-9.00pm will attract more bids and buyers than something finishing at 3pm when the majority of people are still at work.
I hope this post was useful to you, selling old items on Ebay isn't a get rich quick scheme but money soon builds up in Paypal and it's something a little extra to help you out. The same goes for buying on Ebay it's pretty much guaranteed to save you money so it's worth looking around. 

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