Scarborough 2012

I've just returned from a little break in Scarborough as my mum was spending the week there so on Tuesday Josh and I joined her for a few days away. I've always loved the seaside so of course I had a lovely time despite the weather not always been on it's best behaviour. It was nice to just relax and enjoy the fresh sea air along with plenty of good food, a bit of shopping a couple of trips to the amusements and plenty of laughs. 
As there's a few photo's I'll let them do the talking rather than rambling on any further.

 Found a cat / A squirrel with a nut that he couldn't bury
 Josh's massive portion of fish and chips (no he couldn't finish it!) / Scarborough bay
 Me writing in the sand / The finished product
 Italian Gardens / Tuesday night's outfit
 Absolutely soaked on Thursday / Soaking up the sunshine on Friday
 Me on the beach / No idea what Josh in doing!
Harbour Bar cherry float / Doughnut
Thursday night's outfit / Friday night's outfit

And just to prove how British I was... I even had a ice-cream in the rain! It was a very good ice-cream though!


  1. Such a lovely post! I'm loving that you had ice cream in the rain, I always do that too! Xo


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