Happy List #71 - Summer Edition

I'm doing something a little different with the Happy List this week. On the 22nd July my bags were packed ready for spending the summer back at home in Yorkshire, I was sad to be leaving Coventry and my little home with Josh and whilst I knew I'd enjoy been home with my family I was still sad to leave. What has ensued over the past eight weeks are fun days out, mini breaks and the most amazing 21st birthday I could have ever asked for. Now I'm ready to pack my bags once more and move back to Coventry next Thursday so I thought I'd do a summer special Happy List to look back at all the amazing memories from my weeks back home. 

My 21st Birthday

 This day was so special and was better than I could have ever dreamt of, I felt so lucky to have an amazing family and friends. You can read all about my birthday here and here.

Days Out

 Creswell Crags with my Dad / Flowers at Harewood House / Harewood House / National Mining Museum / Buys from my first ever car boot sale

Whilst I've been back I've been on some lovely days out and visited some amazing new places. I've also been to my first ever car boot sale today and I really want to go to another now. You can read about my day out at Creswell Crags here and Harewood House here.

Country Walks

 Walk around and about my village / Wentworth Woodhouse / Walk around and about Josh's village / Canal walk / More from around Josh's village

The thing I miss most when I'm in Coventry is the countryside, I live right in the city centre so there's no rolling hills and green fields but Josh and I are really lucky to live in villages surrounded by the countryside so I love to make the most of it when I'm back

Mini Breaks

Over summer I've had to lovely mini breaks in Liverpool and Scarborough. You can read about my time in Liverpool here and here and Scarborough here

I've really enjoyed my time back in Yorkshire and I've done some lovely stuff that has created some amazing memories now I'm ready to head back to my little flat for a cosy autumn/winter and create even more memories in Coventry!

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