Happy List #70

Well after quite a while of not doing my Happy Lists weekly I feel it's time to say that in the future this is the way it will be with the Happy List, don't get me wrong I absolutely adore this feature as I love to inject a bit of happiness into little Bits and Bobs but it had got to the point where I wasn't enjoying it and I was struggling for things to write about and that's not fun or happy for me or anyone reading it. So from now on the Happy List feature will just be as and when I have something good and happy to write about, my life isn't jam packed with amazing things everyday but that's just reality but on certain occasions I do have a really fun week and then that's when I'll do the Happy List. So for anyone who loves this feature, don't worry it isn't going anywhere it just won't be happening on a weekly basis and hopefully it's going to be a whole lot better for everyone! Oh and on a little side note all my photo's on here are now much bigger which I think looks a lot better.

Saturday 1st September 2012

All packed ready to leave Scarborough

Also... Came back from my holiday in Scarborough which you can read all about here.

Sunday 2nd September 2012

Horse / Mining Museum

Also... Dad and I went to Caphouse, the National Mining Museum where my Dad actually works on a Saturday (he was a miner in the 80's and early 90's so it's more of a hobby than a job!) so we went to go on the new tour they have. I've been visiting the museum from a young age but it never bores me, I think because my Dad is so enthusiastic about it that it's rubbed off on me a little!

Monday 3rd September 2012

No photo's today as I just chilled out at Josh's which was pretty nice. 

Tuesday 4th September 2012

 Conquering the countryside then failing at it massively! / Found some horses

Also... Josh and I went for a walk by a canal near our old collage, we used to go there after college sometimes when we were first together so it was really nice. After the walk we went for a Wetherspoons lunch.

Wednesday 5th September 2012

No photo's as I had quite a large to-do list today so nothing exciting!

Thursday 6th September 2012

 Went shopping / Secret Admirer Topshop Lipstick and H&M Mickey Mouse jumper / Primark bag and mint chocolate cupcake / New 'J' charm for my Nomination bracelet and Vivienne Westwood earrings

Also... Josh and I went shopping and as you can see I treated myself to a few new things, the lipstick is gorgeous and although I wasn't sure about the jumper when Josh picked it as soon as I tried it on I loved it, perfect for winter. I really wanted another charm for my bracelet so I picked up a 'J' for Josh because I'm soppy like that! The bag and earrings are gifts from Josh, he picked me the bag up whilst we were shopping and then he bought me the earring the other day and gave them me on this day, this photo doesn't do them justice as they're just beautiful, a really pretty pink/peach colour with pink and silver gems, I love them so thanks Josh!
Friday 7th September 2012

 Me in Josh's hat / Lonely tree / I found some more horses

Also... Josh and I went for a walk around the village where he lives which was nice in the sun. I found some more horse too which made it even better!


  1. You're like a horse whisperer. I love the bag and jumper as well AND that picture of you on the stile is hilarious! xxx

  2. Haha I know I realised after that it's very horse themed! I blame the inappropriate clothing choice and the fact that maybe I've become too much of a city girl whilst at uni! They're my excuses for failing so badly anyway! xxx


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