The Absence of the Happy List

So as the title suggests there is no Happy List this week, as you know I do try to feature it every week but sometimes life just gets in the way, this week is one of those instances. From Monday to Friday I was on work experience at a publishers and to sum it up I loved it! I have written about it on my professional blog where I showcase my work obviously with it been more professional not everyone will  be interested but if you do want to know what I got up to you can read my little summary here. So considering I was working for most of the week there really was no point in doing the Happy List as there aren't any photo's to show you. I have done a couple of blog posts this week though here and here so check those out if you haven't done so already and over the next couple of weeks there should be lots to blog about as I'm going to Liverpool Monday to Wednesday so expect lots of photo's from that, Josh parent's are renewing their vows next Friday so again expect a post on that and I'll be filming a recent buys video pretty soon hopefully. 

I'll leave you with this little photo from my work experience, it's just a phone pic so it's not great but oh well!

I promise I did some actual work not just this!

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