Liverpool 2012

A couple of hours ago I got back from a few days in Liverpool. Long time readers may remember that last August Josh and I went to Liverpool for a few days then too, infact this time is our fourth time there. We just love it and it's perfect for a mini break, which is something I really needed! As both of us a huge Beatles fans we love Liverpool even more, but you don't have to be Beatles fans to enjoy the city as it really is a lovely place, I'm sure you're all getting the picture by now that I adore Liverpool! I'm going to split this post into two as there's so many photo's so I'll blog about day 1 today and days 2 and 3 tomorrow. Hope you stick with this post as it's going to be quite long.

On Monday we arrived in Liverpool at lunch time and the weather was pretty good considering that everytime we've been it's rained! We made our way over to Albert Dock to go to the Liverpool Museum, last year when we went the museum wasn't complete so we didn't bother going however now all the galleries are open so we decided to see what it was like. The museum is free and I have to say it's pretty good! After we went to the Cavern for a little drink before checking into our room. 

At night we went to Buffalo Jacks, an American bar and grill, to cut a long story short don't order a burger from there if you are ever in Liverpool as it was one of the worst meals I've ever had (I had to send the first one back and the second one wasn't much of an improvement) which was a bit of a disappointment, after we headed back to the Cavern for a couple of drinks and a full night of music. The Cavern has to be one of my favourite ever places!

Arriving in Liverpool / On the docks / The Museum of Liverpool / Josh dressing up / An art exhibition of poems on doors, this one was my favourite / Hi! / Another door, I quite liked this one too / A superlambanana / Mine and Josh's heat prints apparently I was warmer than him / The Yellow Submarine canal boat hotel / Outfit of the night

So that was Monday, the first day and night in Liverpool. I'll be blogging even more photo's tomorrow so see you then!

P.S. The title of this post is from this song.

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  1. Oh that is such a bummer about the burger, I hate a ruined meal out. Glad you had such a nice mini break though, the multi storey carp arc is hilarious xxx


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