Harewood House

A couple of Sunday's ago I had a lovely day out with my Dad and stepmum at Harewood House near Leed's. I love looking around places like this so for me it was the perfect day out. We had a really long walk around the grounds and the house, a picnic and and ice-cream to finish the day off. I thought I would share some photo's of the day with you however there aren't any of inside the house as photography wasn't  allowed.

Flowers / Back of the house / Back of the house and fountain / Front of the house / Penguin / Parrot / A bald parrot I felt sorry for / A bird (can't remember what it was) / Stream

If you enjoy days out like this then I would really recommend a visit to Harewood House. Have you ever visited Harwood House or a similar place? Let me know.


  1. That little penguin is the cutest thing I've seen today, so fluffy! The house and gardens look like such a good day out, very jealous xxx

  2. Aww this looks like such a lovely place. That penguin is so cuteee <3 xo


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