Happy List #68

I've gone back to the traditional format of the Happy List this week despite the fact I don't have photo's for every day. I'll be honest I haven't done anything all that exciting but I've been fine with that, I've just enjoyed relaxing as I have lots coming up in the next few week's such as a week of work experience next week, Liverpool for three days the week after then Josh's parent's wedding vows renewal. So I just hope you don't mind that it's just writing on some of the days.

Saturday 28th July 2012

If you've read my blog this week you will know that last Saturday was my 21st birthday. You can check out what I got up to on the day here and what presents I received here.

Sunday 29th July 2012

I had a lazy day after all the excitement of my birthday yesterday so I haven't much to write about.

Monday 30th July 2012

I went to my mum's at night and we watched the third Twilight film (guilty pleasure!) and had lots of lovely cheese and crusty bread, which is just about the best meal ever!

Tuesday 31st July 2012

One of my birthday presents was a trip to London for two days so today I was looking at lots of lovely restaurants that are near our hotel, actually since Sunday I've spent a part of every day looking at something to do with London, I'm so excited! If anyone knows of any nice (but not really expensive) restaurants in Victoria, London then please let me know!

Wednesday 1st August 2012

I had a little Ebay spree with some of my birthday money and bought some boots, a jumper and some Disco Pant's style leggings. The leggings have arrived but you can't see what they look like on the hanger but hopefully I'm going to get Josh to take some outfit photo's next week so you should be able to see them then.

Thursday 2nd August 2012

More spending, this time it was on the MUA site as they had 25% off and free delivery luckily my stuff turned up today so I've been able to put the photo's on. I bought a lipstick in Nectar which is more orangey/peachy in real life than on the photo, a blush in shade 4 and the Undressed palette. I love everything and it's all such good quality.

Friday 3rd August 2012

A vanilla and fudge cupcake / Another day and another lot of shopping

Also... yep I spent some more of my birthday money, I vowed not to spend all of my birthday money on clothes so I am going to calm it down now but I just couldn't resist all this stuff. It's all from Internacionale which I personally think has some amazing stuff in so when I'm back home I like to have a little look in as we don't have one in Coventry. I could have bought way more than this but
I restrained myself. The first top I have in pink too, I bought it at Christmas and I wear it so much that when I spotted this I had to get it, it's a lovely colour too, the second top is a very me top as I just love leopard print, the bracelet is a little too big unfortunately but I will wear it because I love how it has one big skull with a flower on it's head and finally I've wanted another pair of leopard print shoes for ages, at one time it's all I wore, but I struggle to find shoes to fit so when these did there's was no doubt that I would be buying them!

So that's this week's Happy List, from now in it may be that sometimes there's more writing then photo's as a simply don't do something new and exciting everyday! On a little side note I will be filming a recent buy's video soon so keep and eye out for that as you will see all the items I've talked about today with prices etc! Also over the last week I've made a few alterations to my blog so I now have new social media icons, you can follow by email, I've rewrote the About Me and Where to Find Me pages and I've changed the colour slightly to a much paler pink. I'm really happy with how my blog looks at the moment.


  1. Don't know if there's one near your hotel but http://bistro1.co.uk/ has incredible food at great prices. This is our favourite London eatery.

  2. Thanks I'll check it out x

  3. I love these posts! It's so lovely reading about what has made others happy, always makes my heart smile a little! xo


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