Creswell Crags

Last Friday my Dad and I went out for the day, I had no idea where we were going but we arrived at Creswell Crags. I'll not launch into a full history lesson here but for those who don't know Creswell Crags is archaeological site dating back to the last Ice Age, it's one of the most northerly points in the world to have been visited by our ancestors (any further north was just too frozen over). The crags are several caves where evidence of habitation by some of the earliest humans has been found and back in 2003 evidence of cave art was discovered making the crags the only place in Britain known to have Ice Age cave art. 

Now for me this was the perfect day out, I just find anything like this amazing and fascinating and this certainly didn't disappoint! Creswell Crags was not only a beautiful place but it was steeped in history and that's always a winner for me! Plus it was really nice to spend some time with my Dad. So I'll share a few pictures from my day with you despite the fact I had to wear I helmet and it looks less than great but oh well!

Me and a hyena / Me and Dad / The Creswell gorge / Me and a skull (not real) in one of the caves / Sunny gorge / Mammoth - by next year it will be covered in the leaves from the tree's they planted around it / River

I know not everyone is interested in things like this but if like me you are then you should definitely visit Creswell Crags as the photo's don't even do it justice, it's much better in person.

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