Country Walks

One of the best things about been back home is living in an area surrounded by greenery. I've mentioned on my blog several times that it's something I miss at university as I live right in the city centre so rolling fields and meadows don't really come with the territory. 
The other week Josh and I took full advantage of the lovely weather and decided to have a nice evening walk so I thought I would share a few photo's with you.

A cute Shetland pony / The funniest horse ever, it had it's tongue stuck out for ages / I made a new friend / The beautiful sky from my window, I loved how it changed colour.

The walk was nicely rounded off with a little stop at the pub for a nice refreshing drink. It was also the perfect start to my birthday as we went on the walk the evening before. I'm hoping we get a few more nice days before we head back to university so we can go on some more walks like this.


  1. Hahaha I love the shetland pony with his tongue stuck out. Amazing. A pub is always the right way to end a country walk xxxx

    1. It sure is! The horse was so funny we stood watching it ages! xxx

  2. I live right in the city and sometimes miss the countrysides as well..
    nice photos, the pony is beautiful!


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