Second Year in Coventry - Part 2

On Tuesday I posted the first half to this post, which you can look at here. I'm currently taking a little break from cleaning the room and packing stuff away to do this post as there's only a couple of days until I'm heading back to Yorkshire. These photo's are from January - July so some of the photo's are different sizes because during this time Josh got a new camera and the photo's are a slightly different size to the one's from the old camera. 

My first time at a vintage fair, picking out some Levi's.

Playing in the snow at night.

Smokey the cat visited Waterstone's in Coventry. She's holds the Guiness World Record for the loudest purr.

A baked an amazing cake for Josh's 23rd birthday.

Pretty flowers in the sunshine.

The cutest little gosling in a park near to us.

Work experience at Coventry Mysteries Festival.

Josh and I in Leamington Spa.


  1. That is possibly the cutest little gosling ever, well maybe apart from Ryan Gosling x

  2. Eeep that gosling is so cute! You cake also looks so nice! How the year has gone in a blur haha xxx

  3. Coventry isn't actually that far away from me! Annnd i think we have the same republic jacket


    1. Yep my brown jacket is from Republic. Wow, why where are you from? xx


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