Second Year in Coventry - Part 1

Last year I did two posts of my favourite photo's from my first year of living in Coventry (for university) and I posted them just before I went back home for the summer. Well the time has come again where Josh and I are packing up our little room ready to head back to Yorkshire on Sunday so I thought I'd do two little posts with my favourite photo's from my second year in Coventry as it's something really nice for me to look back on. Just like last year I had to really narrow down my selection as I had a lot of photo's so I've picked one's that make me feel happy or remind me of going to certain places. As I've done them in chronological order these are the older photo's (September - January).
Hope you enjoy them!

 Cocktails at Old Orlean's - we loved going to this restaurant but this was the last time we went as it closed down shortly after.

 Josh's excellent pumpkin carving with a traditional one and a Beatles Love one!

I think this photo is so pretty (I can't take credit for it though as Josh takes all the photo's) these flowers were at Packwood House in Solihull

This has to be one of my favourite photo's ever as it's really natural the smiling wasn't for the camera as I didn't know the photo was been taken. It's of me and Josh's Grandad at  Packwood House.

This sleepy little guy came to visit Coventry one weekend close to christmas, he's so cute.

 Again another one of Josh's beautiful photograph's. I love how the branches look in the sunlight, this was taken by the canal in Coventry.

Me in my panda hat! This was such a sunny day but really cold and I love day's like that in winter. Again this was by the canal in Coventry.

This was the first time we went to the War Memorial Park, we'd never known it was so close to us and it's a really nice park.

Part two will be on my blog on Thursday.

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