My 21st Birthday - Part 1

I won't ramble on for too long as this is going to be a very picture heavy post (so I hope you stick with it!). On the 28th July it was my 21st birthday and I can honestly say it was one of the best days of my life, everyone made the day so special and it's something I shall always remember, I feel incredibly lucky to have such amazing family and friends that made my birthday so amazing. 

I wasn't really allowed to open any presents until the night when we went out for a meal, so I just opened a couple from Josh and a couple from my mum during the day. At night me, Josh, my Dad and stepmum, my Mum and her friend, Josh's parents and my stepsister and niece went to a Chinese Buffet which was also a surprise for me, I knew we were going for a meal but I didn't know where. The food was lovely as was the restaurant and I had some big balloons in the centre of the table. My Dad had also bought a photo from and filled it with photo's of me as a kid and put it on the the table which was quite embarrassing but good too. After our food they brought out a cake with a huge sparkler on it, the cake had a photo of me on it, I think it's my first school photo so I will have been about five. When we got home my Dad said  he'd bought a sky lantern each for me and Josh so we let those off which was really nice. It was such an amazing day and night which was filled with some lovely surprises. 

 Birthday morning
 Banners in the garden
 Me and Josh before the meal
 Me and my best friend Vicky
 My mum, me, and Colette (mum's friend)
 My cake
 Me and Josh with my cake
 Opening presents
 Group photo - me with my niece, my stepmum Angela, my stepsister Emma, Colette, my Mum, Josh's Mum Donna and Vicky
 Group photo - same as above but with Josh and his dad on either end
 Group photo - same as above but with my Dad on the end instead of Josh
 Me holding my niece Alice with my balloons
 My sky lantern
 Josh's sky lantern
 Releasing one together
 Me and my Dad
 Me and my stepmum
 Now and then - me with the photo frame from the meal

I hope you made it to the end! I will be doing part two of this post later in the week which will be a video about what I received for my birthday, I'm not doing it to show off it's for my documentation and for anyone who is interested in seeing what I got so I hope you enjoy that too.


  1. Great pictures :) Happy birthday :) x

  2. Aww it sounds like you had the best day! I love all the pictures, everyone looks so happy <3 xoxo


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