Happy List #67

This week's Happy List is going to be more of an update again like last week's was, this is because I haven't done anything that was worthy of taking a photo of for most of the week except Thursday so there's quite a few photo's for that day. 
 Also I'm posting this week's Happy List a day early as it's my 21st birthday tomorrow so obviously I won't be blogging then. I could not be anymore excited for my birthday, I feel so lucky to have amazing family and friends that are going to make it a really special day.
Before I get onto this week's photo's I'd also like to say thankyou to everyone that commented on last week's post regarding my broken toe, although it's still painful at times it's started to heal really well this week and I can almost walk normally now!

Bahama Breeze Yankee Candles

 Josh and I went out yesterday as a little birthday treat from my stepdad (just a little side note I have a complicated family, my mum and stepdad aren't together anymore but we're still close incase anyone was wondering why there was no mention of my mum!). He bought me the laptop in the final photo for my birthday, I was so shocked when we walked into Curry's and he told me just to pick one, I feel so grateful to have received such an amazing present! It's weird having a normal sized laptop though because my other one was just a small notebook, I love this new one though!

I'm in the local paper for my birthday! Yep that's me as a little sprog (aged 3) in Tenerife wearing a sombrero. My Dad and stepmum put the photo in for me. 

So that pretty much sums this week up, I also went to see my niece for the first time when I came home from university on Sunday, she is so adorable, I love her to pieces! I do have a photo of me holding her but I won't be putting it on my blog as my stepsister hasn't put any photo's of her online so I don't think it would be fair to. 

Hope you enjoyed this week's post (sorry it's not in the usual happy list format) I'm off to continue been ridiculously excited for my birthday now!


  1. Happy birthday for tomorrow :) x

  2. So cute your family putting your birthday in the paper! Happy birthdayy! xx

  3. Aww this is such a lovely post! Such a lovely gift to receive! I hope you had the best birthday! xo


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