Happy List #66

Unfortunately this week's Happy List is not coming to you in it's traditional form due to the fact I really don't have any photo's. Now I do have a very good reason for this and those of you who follow me on Twitter may already know this, but last Sunday I broke my little toe so I really haven't done anything this week due to pain and an inability to walk correctly. I can be a bit of a wuss but I have to say that something so small should not hurt as much as it does. Most of my week was spent laid down with my foot up watching daytime TV wearing Josh pj's and trust me no one wants to see photo's of that! However Josh very kindly went shoe shopping for me (without me asking him I should point out, so well done to him) to see if he could find me some shoes that would fit on my foot whilst my toe was bandaged and that I would be able to walk sort of alright in. He came back with some silky ballet pumps and boy did he do good because at this point I hadn't been outside for four days so it was like a new lease of life when I went out in my new shoes! I then proceeded to buy two more pairs, another plain black pair and one pale pink pair to go with my birthday dress as now my birthday is only a week away and it's very unlikely I'll be wearing my lovely new wedges out for my birthday meal so the pumps will have to do. 
Another reason why there aren't many photo's is because Josh and I have been packing our room up as we're heading back home to Yorkshire until September, so when I haven't been watching TV I've been hobbling around packing up boxes and my suitcase, as we're living in the same place next year we can keep our boxed up stuff here which isn't too bad. So tomorrow morning my Dad is coming to pick us up and I'll be waving goodbye to Coventry for around nine weeks. 
So basically I didn't want to miss out on doing this post despite the fact I don't really have anything to show you, so I will put the few photo's I have on here even though they're mainly of food!

 Banana's on toast (please tell me I'm not the only one the likes this?!) / Tuna melt panini / Bulmers / McDonalds / New shoes - currently the only thing I can walk in aside from slippers / Packing up boxes

So that's that, again I'm sorry I couldn't do a normal Happy List I will try harder for next week but it still may not be up to it's normal standard as I'm doing ridiculously boring things like having my hair cut and my eyebrows waxed in preperation for my birthday next Saturday and I'll still be hobbling round with a broken toe!


  1. Sorry to hear about your toe, hope it heals quick! x

  2. hope you get better soon! cute pumps :) xx


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