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It's been a little while since I did one of these post but this week I want to talk about survey sites. 
First off I'm signed up to two different survey sites, one pays out cash via bank transfer the other pays out in vouchers (there's a variety to choose from and you pick where you want the voucher for).

The survey site which pays out in cash is called and I've been signed up to this for couple of years now and I have to say the payouts aren't that great, you don't get many surveys sent out and in my experience you don't qualify for many either. That been said I have had one pay out from this site of £11 (you can redeem money once you hit £10) but it takes a long time to build up the money. So a get rich quick scheme this isn't!

The survey site which pays out in vouchers is called and personally I think this is a much better site, I had a few little hiccups with this when I first started as it wouldn't let me do any surveys but once I emailed them this quickly got sorted. You get a good amount of surveys and in my experience you qualify for most of them and the payout is pretty good (most of them I've had pay around £1). The only drawback for me is that I find the surveys quite long and boring, but hey I'm not going to complain because I'm getting something out of it. Again you have to reach £10 before you can chose a voucher you want to redeem but it really doesn't take long to reach that amount. I've been signed up since February and redeemed my first voucher last night, I would have been on around £20 had I not had the problems I had when I first signed up though so you can see it build up fast.
The voucher options range from things like Amazon, Boots and Topshop which I think is great, I chose a Boots one as I'm getting ready for some essentials from there so the voucher will really help out. It can take a little while to get paid once you've completed the survey as there's closing dates etc but that isn't anything problematic.
The only advice I would give is that you should do your research before signing up to survey sites as some won't be legitimate like these two. The Martin Lewis website has some information on legitimate survey sites so it might be worth having a quick look on there.
You're not going to make loads doing surveys but it's always nice to get little rewards so I personally think it is worth signing up to such sites.
If anyone is interested I have some invites I can send to you for the Valued Opinions site, all you have to do is leave your email on here then I will send you an invite, you will receive an email from Valued Opinions, just click the link and away you go!
Do you have any other good survey sites that you can reccomend? Let me know!

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