Happy List #57

I'm afraid this week's photo's aren't the most exciting considering pretty much everyday has consisted of waking up, having breakfast and revising in oversized lounge trousers and one of Josh's hoodies and trust me no one wants to see photo's of that! Anyway I've just come back from an exam so I wasn't going to blog today but I can't really miss out on doing the happy list, so here it is...

Saturday 12th May 2012

Went for a walk around the Cathedral ruins

Sunday 13th May 2012

Strawberry jelly

Also... Went to Costa Coffee and had a red berry cooler

Monday 14th May 2012

Trying some new whitening toothpaste sent to me as I'm part of the More Hot 100 beauty group / Wearing The Beatles Yellow Submarine top and Levi shorts

Also... I became an Auntie today!! My stepsister gave birth to a little girl called Alice, however she was born 12 weeks early, fortunately she seems to be doing really well. I won't actually get to see her though until the end of July when I go back home so my dad is keeping me updated with lots of lovely photo's. I haven't put one on here as I didn't feel it was right just yet as she does have a few tubes in her in case she forgets to breath. I cannot wait to see her though!

Tuesday 15th May 2012

Josh bought me this cute little jokey present, bless him

Wednesday 16th May 2012

Yummy madeira cake / Watched 28 Days Later

Thursday 17th May 2012

Watched I am Legend a bit of a theme with the whole virus films over the last two days!

Watched a couple of episodes of Bottom to take my mind of my exam, I have such a boyish sense of humour!

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  1. I love jelly, cake and your outfit!
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