Happy List #55

Saturday 28th April 2012

New shoes (they're only cheap things that's why there's so many pairs) I got 2 pairs and Josh got 2 mine look so small next to his! / Came home to a new mascara

Also...Came back to Coventry after 3 weeks at home called for some new shoes first though can't pass up on four pairs for £20 especially when me and Josh both wanted some. I'm part of the More! Magazine Hot 100 beauty group and they sometimes send out free things to try so this mascara was waiting for me when I got home and I've got to say I'm impressed!

Sunday 29th April 2012

 New John Lennon vest / Pez sweets / Costa Coffee shortbread
Monday 30th April 2012
New Lily plant that Josh bought me / Went out for a meal and some drinks so this is what I wore
Tuesday 1st May 2012
  Bought a new face mask / Started burning our new candle / Signed up to Pottermore I'm in Hufflepuff!
Wednesday 2nd May 2012
 Wore my new John Lennon vest

Thursday 3rd May 2012

I did have this book after completing my collection of them last summer however when Josh started reading it, it was printed completely wrong so I bought another which arrived today

Also... Went to a meeting for some work experience which went well it's a 6 week stint taking on the role of a press officer for Coventry Mysteries Week Festival. Ordered a skull friendship bracelet from Ebay which looks a lot like one I saw in Topshop a bit back so I can't wait for that to come.

Friday 4th May 2012

Ikea food (it wasn't all mine!) / Been watching Band of Brothers all week and finished it today I really reccomend this to everyone it's such a good series and I cry everytime I watch it / Moved on to House for like the 10th time now we've finished Band of Brothers!


  1. Looks like you've had a super busy week! (: I'm currently obsessed with Pottermore too, and I'm a Hufflepuff!! Loads of people I know got Slytherin! haha. And I LOVE Ikea food. That's the only reason I go to Ikea, for the food and the Daim cake especially (: xx

  2. PEZ! I'm such a pez fan, you've made me want to go out and buy a new dispenser now!



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