Weekly and Monthly Savings

I'm back with a few more little money tips for you all. On Monday my student loan got paid into my account (yay no more overdraft) and it got me thinking, I like to ocassionally treat myself (who doesn't?!) but I also like to save my money for things like presents, days out with Josh, mini breaks and the more serious things like TV licence etc. So how could I effectively split my money between treats, savings and weekly money to live on? Well actually it's fairly easy.

When ever I get my student loan the first thing do is work out how many weeks it is until the next payment then I divide the amount in my bank between the number of weeks until the next loan to give me a weekly budget. I always try my best to stick to this budget and I usually do quite well. 

So I've decided that at the start of every week I'll take out the amount I have for that week and try and stick to only buying what I really need so in theory I'll have a bit left at the end of the week. For example if my weekly budget was £50 and I only spent £20 then there would be £30 left over. Please tell me your still reading this I don't want to bore anyone with sounding like a GCSE maths question! 

Now instead of rolling that over into the next week I'll put the spare cash away somewhere safe and take out my next weekly budget and carry on like this until the end of the month. Now at the end of the month I could have lets say £100 left so here's what I've decided. I'm going to split whatever is left at the end of the month between me (for things like little treats and saving for presents) and a savings account of Josh's which I pay money into which will be used for things like days out, mini breaks and the more boring things like just savings in general for when we finish uni. This way I can treat myself guilt free and still save lots of money!

 Been good with money allows for little treats like this

My next quick point is about the savings account. Now I'm not suggesting you should rush out and open a joint account with your other half because well that's just not sensible in some situations but the savings account I'm referring to in here is solely in Josh's name I just have a standing order which pays money into it every week (as well as paying extra in as explained above). We've done this for around a year and a half now and it works really well for us as Josh always lets me see what in the account etc even though it's in his name and we're both quite sensible with money so are good at making payments into it and leaving it there for things we really want to do and things we have to save for. It's really good for us as we live together whilst at uni so like I said you have to be sensible about these things but it's always good to have savings whether they're your own or shared with someone else!


  1. i always take less money out than my weekly budget, and if i have any money left over its treats for me!

  2. I like how you spent your money! :)
    That top is amazing. Can I find it (or something similar) online?

    1. Thanks it's actually a dress but folded up. It's from a uk supermarket. I'm not sure where you'd find something similar online. Ebay maybe? x


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