Happy List #51

This week's Happy List is a day late as I was busy travelling back home yesterday and didn't have time to post. Apologies for this weeks photo's, they're all mainly of food! I haven't really done much so I could only really get photo's of food.

Saturday 31st March 2012

 Watched final (and my favourite) Harry Potter film / A squirrel came right up to me, so cute!

Also... Josh bought me some strawberries so I tried them with choccy philly it's really nice

Sunday 1st April 2012

Bought three new dresses from Primark I love them (you can see them in more detail on my tumblr) / Had a caramel frappuccino

Monday 2nd April 2012

Josh was bad and came home with Happy Meals for us

Also... finished reading a novel for uni and it was quite a good book in the end, it was Wise Children by Angela Carter. I've reviewed it here on a new blog written by me and Josh for a uni project.

Tuesday 3rd April 2012

Strawberries and cream

Also... Finally set up a blog for a uni project me and Josh are doing so I'd really like it if you could take a look at it here

Wednesday 4th April 2012

Tuna melt panini with a few chips stolen from Josh / Weather was terrible so me and Josh stayed in and played Monopoly!

Thursday 5th April 2012

 Me and Josh swapped easter presents as we're off home on Saturday and didn't want to trail it back, how cute is the baby Basil I got Josh? / Went to Costa the hot chocolate was mine and the muffin is Josh's

Friday 6th April 2012

 Packing to go home tomorrow / KFC for tea

Also... Wrote an article about Samantha Brick on mine and Josh's uni project blog. You can read it here


  1. Hey! I hope you had a lovely Easter!

    Those Primark dresses look cute. I never find anything good in Primark :(


    1. Hi, thanks hope you had a good easter too.

      Primark is really hit and miss but sometimes I go in and see loads I love! xx

  2. You can never have too many photos of food in a blog post haha! That tuna melt panini sounds amazing, and the baby Basil is too cute!

    Gillian x

  3. The food photos are really making me hungry ahhah. I love Harry Potter! Massive fan right here :)



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