To Mum...

Just a quick post for my mum, who is indeed a reader of my blog! 

My poor mum didn't get a card today, which I have to point out is Royal Mail's fault for losing the card not mine, I'm not a bad daughter. Nor has she got a present (yet) as I'm currently 100 miles away from her at uni and didn't want to post the present (good job really seen as the card went missing). So she has to wait until I'm back at easter. 

Anyway what I really want to say is...

Mum, thanks for been there and thanks for everything you do and for been a friend as well as my mum. Love you xxx

Us on holiday last year.


  1. Lovely post! My sister is in a similar situ with her card. I'm sure easter will be extra special with her present! xxxx


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