Saving Money with Gift Cards

Not got too much to report on the money saving front accept for it's going fairly good. The last time I did one of these posts I shared some handy tips on food shopping. You can look at all the previous money saving posts here.
As I said not too much has gone on no dramatic slip ups causing me to spend loads but then again I'm not quite a millionaire yet either! I get a bursary from uni tomorrow so that will help a bit however I will still be poor until the next student loan. Having to pay for accomodation so far in advance really took it's toll on my little bank account to the point where I can hear my card screaming everytime I put it in an ATM! 
Anyway I've only one little tip to share with you this week and it's about vouchers/gift cards. Josh and I went for Sunday lunch last weekend at Wetherspoons as for christmas Josh received some vouchers for there, we had dinner, dessert and a couple of drinks and only spent around £2 and that was only because the women behind the bar wasn't sure if they gave change back from vouchers. Josh also received some cinema gift cards for christmas which we've yet to use but it means we can still have days out and meals out without spending any money. I would say if your strapped for cash it's worth asking for things like this for birthdays and christmas because you can still go out and do things without having to worry about the cost.
If you have any money saving tips leave a comment and let me know. 

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