Happy List #42

Saturday 28th January 2012

This was how my Saturday night was spent whilst watching Million Pound Drop and Mrs Brown's Boys

Also... Went for a quick look around the shops and found loads of lovely smelling Yankee Candles I really need another one!

Sunday 29th January 2012

 Cosying up with hot chocolate shortbread and more Mrs Brown's Boys

Also... did a post on my other blog of my favourite books of 2011 as I really got back into reading last year and reviewed lots of books

Monday 30th January 2012

Sorry I never have photo's for Monday's because it's the worst day, I'm in uni the majority of the day and can't be bothered with anything when I'm back!

Tuesday 31st January 2012

Finished reading Interview With the Vampire for uni, I've really enjoyed it and wrote a review for it here

Also... Watched loads of funny animal videos on Youtube it's so easy to get drawn in by them all!

Wednesday 1st February 2012

 Went for a walk in the War Memorial Park which we've never been to before, it's huge but really nice. It'll be really pretty in summer and hopefully we'll look around more then as we got too cold so went to the little cafe for hot drinks and a huge muffin!

Also... Reached 10,000 all time views on my blog which I'm really pleased about

Thursday 2nd February 2012

Went to Ikea for the cheap delicious delights above and then bought some Cadbury's chocolate trifles (such a fatty!)

Also... Finally got some quotes from people on an article I'm writing on female cyber bullying and watched an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Everyone watch this video of it and skip to 4.20 and watch the next 20 seconds, I've never laughed so much!

Friday 3rd February 2012

Josh's parent's came to visit overnight and we went out to and Indian, this is what I wore (jeans - Primark, top - Internacionale)

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