New Year Catch-Up

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a good start to the new year!

This is to follow on from my christmas catch-up post seen as I haven't been doing Happy Lists on my blog over the festive period!

27th - 30th December

Had a more relaxing day on the Tuesday, I did go shopping however it was rubbish and far too busy so I didn't buy anything. On Wednesday I just went into my local town for a morning of shopping with my mum, I bought a shower gel in the Bodyshop sale, I top (which you will see in later photo's on this post) and an atomiser as my dad bought me a 90ml bottle of my favourite perfume for christmas so it's not really practical for travelling!
Went to Josh's on Thursday and watched the christmas special of Mrs Brown's Boys which was so funny.
On Friday Josh came through to mine and we both went to my mum's friend, Colette's house. We had such a laugh with her and my mum and it was fun playing on the Wii with her two kids aswell!

My new top

Me and Josh

My new bag which I got for christmas had it's first outing!

Josh playing on the Wii with Danny

Josh, Joe and Danny playing Star Wars

31st December - 1st January

Josh and I decided to stay in for New Years Eve this year, we normally go out but it's just so expensive and I'm not exactly rolling in cash at the moment so we decided it'd be much easier to buy some drinks and stay in. I'm really glad that we did now as I saved loads of money, didn't have to wait half an hour to get served for a drink, still got slightly drunk and most importantly still had loads of fun! I really enjoyed it and it didn't bother me that we didn't go out at all.
Today I woke up with a tiny hangover which was nothing compared to how I usually feel after New Years Eve so I felt much better than usual. Josh and I were going to go for a walk but I started raining bad so we decided to stay in and which DVD's instead! So I had a great New Year!

Ziggy wanted fish for tea!

Sparkly nails

Food time

Drinks time

Ziggy still wanted a fish even if it meant sitting like this!

One of the first photo's of's going to be a good year!

Taking a break from standing up and dancing

Josh with a very large shot of Apple Sourz

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  1. Ah looks like a fab Xmas then! Love the new handbag too!


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