Saving Money on Films and Cinema

On this week's True Student post I'm going to be covering money saving tips for films/cinema. I've really got into the idea of these posts and spent the whole afternoon the other day researching different things so I wouldn't just be writing about things that I can save money on so hopefully there will be something for everyone in the coming weeks (aren't I good to you all!)

I'll start with a small update on how my money saving has gone in the past week and to just sum it up it's gone pretty good! We've been on a couple of nice walks which obviously don't cost anything, I've bought a few nice things but only using my christmas money or vouchers (seriously spinning that out!), we didn't go to Costa this week and I took my own food to uni on Monday which is the only day I'm in over lunch so I didn't have to pay stupid prices in the cafe. Anyway onto this weeks topic...

Film and Cinema
The first idea is having your own movie night in, obviously the cinema isn't that cheap (but hold on because I do have some money saving tips for the cinema in a bit!) and if you're like me you'll have a bunch of films that you've not watched in ages or some films that you bought then forgot about, so dig them out! I've even got popcorn covered here as well, pretty much every supermarket sells popcorn including the sort you can make yourself in the microwave (just don't burn it like I always do!) and for just £1 you can get four bags (I think) of popcorn kernels to make yourself in Iceland. Pretty good price if you ask me oh and it tastes good, I've tried it.

 Our collection of DVD's and Blu Ray's we've yet to watch

The next money saving tip is Disney codes, inside the vast majority of Disney (and Disney Pixar) DVD's and Blu Ray's there are leaflets with codes on, you simply go to this website or this one if you're American, sign up and get entering the codes.The codes turn into points which you can use to get a free DVD or Blu Ray from the list of films on the site. We've built up quite a collection of Disney DVD's and Blu Ray's and we've never thought about these codes until we properly looked into it a couple of weeks back, by the time we'd entered all the codes we'd more than enough to order a film so we ended up with the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film on Blu Ray for free! 

 Disney movie rewards leaflets, this is what the leaflets should look like in Disney DVD's and Blu Ray's

Now onto cinema offers, my local cinema is an Odeon and they have some pretty good offers, however I have researched Vue and Cineworld cinema's too to see what they had to offer. I'll start with Cineworld because frankly that's the worst in terms of offers the prices are not well explained on the site as they claim it varies between cinemas however after a little look around it seems that the student prices don't really vary depending on the time of day but the adult ones do. Cineworld also don't seem to have any loyalty cards or anything.
Next is Vue now stick with me because this takes a little explaining. Vue have a super saver ticket (which is available to everyone) this gives you at least 25% off the standard ticket price before 5pm but only on Monday's, Tuesday's and Thursday's. They also have a saver ticket which get's at least 10% off the standard ticket price but this is only on Wednesday's and Friday's before 5pm and Monday's, Tuesday's and Thursday's after 5pm. Ticket prices remain at the standard price on Friday's and Wednesday's after 5pm and all day Saturday's, Sunday's and Bank Holiday's. Vue also don't seem to do a loyalty card.
Finally there's Odeon and in my opinion this is the best one for deals and I'm not just saying that because it's the cinema I go to! First off Odeon have a loyalty card called the Odeon Premiere Club, you can buy three different types, we have the cheapest which is £1.99 (this is just a one off payment when you first get the card) and that's all you need really. With the card you get 10 points on it for every pound you spend (a standard adult 2D ticket is 800 points). When you go and see any British film and use the card you get an extra 50 points per ticket, when you see the British film of the month (which Odeon email you about if you have a card) you get another 100 points on top of that. Odeon also do an offer every Tuesday where card holders can get 25% off their ticket. Aside from that there are also peak and off peak ticket prices.

 Odeon card

So there you go, plenty of money saving ideas and deals for you. If you have any money saving tips or want me to do a post on anything in particular to do with these money saving posts then please leave a comment and I'd be happy to find some stuff out for you. 

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