Happy List #39

I've done much better this week with the new Happy List design, got pictures for every day but one so it's definitely going in the right direction now.

Saturday 7th January 2012

New snuggly pj's that a got for christmas. Worn when snuggling down to watch Harry Potter / MUA makeup that Josh got me for christmas but left in Coventry so I only got them today

Also... Came back to Coventry after three weeks at home, had a lovely chilli con carne for tea and watched Take Me Out for the first time

Sunday 8th January 2012

Made my own shepards pie / Went food shopping so we've got full cupboards for once!

Also... Looked in the homeware section in Debenhams and found so much stuff I loved and had a Costa

Monday 9th January 2012

Bought a Konad nail art set which a I can't wait to use when it comes and it was the first day back at uni so it was good to see everyone.

Tuesday 10th January 2012

Watching Mrs Brown's Boys it makes me laugh so much

Also... Got money worked out for living here next year we're going to be on a budget but it's inspired me to do a new blog feature you can read the first one here and we traded some text books in on Amazon so we got some credit on my account and bought some new blu rays

Wednesday 11th January 2012

Went for a walk around Coventry / watched the squirrells for ages the one up the tree was really cute / Josh cooked korma for tea

Also... Watched How to Cook Like Heston, I don't usually watch any cookery shows but I always watch one's with Heston in because he's really good

Thursday 12th January 2012

Yummy cupcakes from the little farmers market that's in Coventry every month/ my Konad set turned up / One of the blu rays from the Amazon gift credit turned up / burnt my Yankee candle for the first time it smelt lovely

Also... Finally got all my coursework finished it's been really difficult so I'm glad it's out of the way now

Friday 13th January 2012

Went shopping and bought a Lush face mask / Alos bought a lipstick from Boots 17 and two MUA nail polishes / the rest of the blu rays we ordered turned up

Also... Handed in my contemporary novel essay and creative spark portfolio and ordered a One Line a Day 5 Year Memory Book after seeing it on Jennie's blog


  1. Coventry looks beautiful :) I love Mrs Brown's boys, it's hilarious! x


  2. You have such a cute blog! We're loving all the photos, and your style of writing is really nice!

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.



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