Favourite Photo's of 2011

Here is a collection of some of my favourite photo's of the past year and some photo's that have captured my favourite moments of the year.

Pretty dress in spring / Me been part of an art exhibition

Top two photo's of me in one of my favourite dresses / Josh on his 22nd birthday with the cake I baked / My stepdad enjoying a huge dessert to himself

Fountains Abbey / My pretty dress in the sun / Me and Ziggy / Pennines canal boat day out

My 20th birthday with my tinkerbell gift bag / Josh's writing in the sand in Bridlington / Me dancing to the Time Warp at my stepsister's wedding reception / Me and my stepsister

Me, my mum and my stepdad at Robin Hoods Bay / Josh on Scarborough beach at sunset / Scarborough Bay / Scarborough Castle

Josh doing the 'jolly jump of joy' / Me attempting the 'jolly jump of joy' and failing it / Our names on the Cavern wall in Liverpool / River Ouse at York

Ziggy's new shoes / Josh and Joe tank driving / Packwood House / Me and Josh's grandad at Packwood House

Flowers at Packwood House / Beatles Love pumpkin made by Josh / Jack the pumpkin made by Josh / Me, Josh, Joe and Danny with the best use of a Wetherspoons menu I've seen

Starbucks red cups / Coventry christmas lights switch on / Paul McCartney live in Liverpool / Me and Josh at the end of the McCartney concert

Our presents under the tree at Josh's / Josh's happy little face with one of his presents from me / Ziggy's new years eve activity - trying to catch a fish / Me proving you can still have fun (and get drunk) when you stay in on new years eve


  1. I like that spring dress you were wearing in first photo, so pretty!

  2. These photos are lovely! I love the one of you on NYE and at your stepsisters wedding! Ive also nominated you for the versatile bloggers award yaaay http://lifeandtimesof-becca.blogspot.com/2012/01/versatile-blogger-award.html xxxx

  3. @shineyglam thankyou!

    @becca aaww thanks



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