Happy List #36

Saturday 3rd December
  1. Had quite a lazy day after doing coursework all week, Josh and  I snuggled down and watched The Mummy
  2. Had a snuggly night too, lit some candles, put christmas tree lights on, had a glass of Baileys and watched the X Factor
Sunday 4th December
  1. Went for a little walk, only around the city but it was better than been stuck in all day
  2. After our walk Josh and I went to Costa where I had a mint hot chocolate and we chatted loads
  3. Watched Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror which was sickening, very odd but really good!
Monday 5th December
  1. Finished my advantage module, no more Capturing the Creative Spark, yay! I still have coursework due in for it after christmas but today was the last time I had to attend the lesson which I so glad about because I hated it
  2. Wrote a more personal post on my blog which I enjoyed as it was something different from the usual stuff that my blog has got lost in so it brought I more personal element back to it
  3. Got some lovely comments on my post which were really nice to read
  4. My blog has actually been doing really well lately which I'm so happy about as I put I lot of time and effort into it
Tuesday 6th December
  1. Got my first coursework back from one of my modules. I got quite a good mark so I'm pleased about that
  2. Bought some Cadbury's Festive Friends biscuits, so nice and christmassy

Wednesday 7th December
  1. Watched Frozen Planet for the first time even though it was the last episode.I really enjoyed it so I want to watch the others now
  2. Had a Baileys hot chocolate, it was so yummy and made me feel really christmassy
Thursday 8th December
  1. Watched Million Pound Drop, I was pretty good at getting the questions right and really got into it
  2. Got some cupcakes from the little farmers market that comes every month

Friday 9th December
  1. Josh and I went to Birmingham to have a look around the shops and the christmas market. I bought a dress for New Years Eve, it's a black lace one. I wanted to buy a dress this year that I'd wear again and I don't actually have a LBD (shocking!). I have a white lace dress that I love so I'm really pleased with my black lace one plus I can put lots of nice stuff with it to dress it up more for New Year. I also got a black skinny belt with studs. I've wanted a skinny studded waist belt for ages so I was pleased with the one I picked up in Forever 21. We then went to Selfridges where I picked up some stuff from Paperchase for one of Josh's christmas presents (DIYing it this year!). After we had a look around the christmas market which was lovely and I got some things (I don't know what they're called) they're covered in chocolate and have marshmellowy stuff inside, I got after eight, irish cream and marzipan flavours. It was a really nice afternoon
  2. When I got home I'd got my secret santa present from Hannah's secret santa. I'd been sent a coral nail polish and a coral lip balm which are both nice
  3. Had an indian takeaway for tea which was gorgeous, I was so full up with indian food after
  4. We watched A Christmas Carol (the Jim Carrey one) it was sooo good. I'd seen it before but Josh hadn't and he really liked it too. It was a perfect day and I enjoyed it so much! 

All from Birmingham christmas market

Josh wasn't impressed when I tried this on!

The yummy marshmellowy things

My secret santa presents

New dress for new years eve

My new belt

Just a little reminder that you have until midnight tonight to enter my christmas giveaway!

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  1. Waaaa I miss Birmingham christmas market! It is so good, your pics of it look nice! I also love love love Frozen Planet! Your dress looks nice as well, can't beat a LBD! xxxx


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