On The Run

As some of you will know from my many tweets over the last few days, I went to Liverpool on Tuesday to see Paul McCartney live at the Echo Arena. It was my second time seeing him (the first been last June in Glasgow) and ever since the first time I saw him I'd really wanted to go again, it was even a goal on my 'Not Quite 25 Before 25' list. However after only creating this list in July I didn't expect to be able to cross this goal off so soon (the only problem now is I really really want to see him again despite the goal been achieved!) Thanks to my lovely boyfriend Josh though this was achieved way earlier than expected, as he bought me the tickets for Christmas.

Liverpool Wheel and Echo Arena
Paul McCartney

The show was amazing, even better than I expected and I feel so lucky to have been able to go especially seen as he only did three UK gigs as part of his 'On The Run' tour. As some of you will know from this post Liverpool is one of my favourite places so it was even better seeing him there!

Rusty Anderson (Paul's guitarist)
Rusty Anderson, Paul McCartney and Brian Ray

I thought it was much better than the Glasgow concert, especially seen as he played my favourite song Maybe I'm Amazed and I'll admit my eyes did well up as it's a lovely song which is dedicated to his wife Linda (who died in 1998). Paul also played Something in memory of George Harrison and Here Today which was written as a conversation that never took place between him and John Lennon, both of these songs also made my eyes fill up!

Paul with the drummer Abe Labroiel Jr dancing during 'Dance Tonight'
'Something' - a tribute to George Harrison

As cheesy as it is, the highlight for me had to be Paul singing Wonderful Christmastime. I can't really explain why as obviously the concert was filled with his hits and songs that have more meaing than a christmas song, but ever since a was little, Wonderful Christmastime has always been my favourite christmas song, before I even knew who Paul McCartney was and before I even liked his other music. So to hear that live was amazing because short of going to one of his gigs right near christmas like I did, it's not a song you're ever going to hear in another of his shows. Plus there was fake snow which made it even more christmassy!

My video of Wonderful Christmastime

The seats we had were amazing (even though we ended up standing obviously, you've gotta get in the spirit, it's no good just sitting there). We were only 11 rows back from the stage so had a pretty good view without having to just watch the big screens all the time!

Fireworks during 'Live and Let Die'
Paul and his magic piano

It's hard to get across just how much I loved this concert as I know a fair few people who read my blog won't feel the same as me about The Beatles and Paul McCartney but it's one of the best moments of my life and I honestly didn't think after the first concert that I would get to see him again. Glasgow was sort of my once in a life time opportunity so to get to do it all again at an even better concert feels amazing, so I just want to say a huge thanks to Josh for the best christmas present in the world!

'The Word'/ 'All You Need is Love'
Mull of Kintyre
Confetti at the end of the concert


  1. ah, it's so good to achieve a goal! love the idea of a '25 before 25' list- it's inspired me to do one of my own now!

  2. WOW!!!
    What a special moment!
    I wish I could have been in that choir behind Paul!
    Thanks for posting from Snorckle

  3. Oh wow sounds like you had an amazing time! xx


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