I heart...Christmas #2

Here's the second (and final!) part of I heart christmas, reasons why I love christmas. Again all these images are my own (except for the video clip of course). If you missed the first part of this you can catch up here. Enjoy!

Lush Snow Fairy

I love it when all the Lush christmas stuff comes out but my favourite is Snow Fairy shower gel. Yes it's really sweet, bright pink and packed with glitter but that's exactly why I love it.

Christmas Markets

I love huge christmas markets, it really gets me in the festive spirit. These photo's are from Birmingham last week. I love all the little stalls and of course the wide variety of food on offer for me to try!

Cosy slippers

Nothing better than keeping your feet warm with fluffy slipper socks complete with pom poms.

Josh and I started going out

We got together on 18th December 2007 so christmas is even more special for me. This is one of the earliest photo's of us I could find (my god I look different!) unfortunately my dad accidently deleted the first photo of us from new years eve 2007 but luckily we have a print of it at Josh's!

Starbucks red cups

I get so excited when Starbucks start doing their christmas drinks, gingerbread latte is my absolute favourite.

Coca Cola christmas advert

Who doesn't get excited when they see this for the first time?!

Furry boots

These obviously aren't real Uggs, far too expensive! But I do love wearing furry boots to keep me toastie. It's practically like wearing slippers.

Christmas magazines

The Boots christmas book (sadly I threw this in the bin so the one below is another magazine from Boots with a christmas gift guide in it) and the Cosmo gift guide, perfect for looking at christmas ideas (for myself too of course!)

Unwrapping presents

I covered buying presents last week with the christmas shopping but who doesn't unwrapping gifts too (and just for added soppyness Josh buys me the best presents!)

Advent calendars

Chocolate for breakfast? Yes please! The one below is this years, and yes it has my name iced on it. My dad posted it to me along with one for Josh too. What a star!

Christmas candles

I bought this candle holder this year and it's so cute. Perfect for the christmas Yankee candles that smell delicious.

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