Happy List #37

For the next couple of weeks there won't be any Happy Lists as next week is Christmas Eve which is mine and Josh's Christmas Day and the week after that is New Years Eve so obviously I won't be blogging on those days. I will do a little update in the week between Christmas and New Year and I have a couple of posts still to do before Christmas too.

Saturday 10th December
  1. Lazy morning in bed reading the newspaper and various magazines
  2. Tuna melt panini for lunch. After doing loads of work for uni I was starving but we didn't really have anything in so I popped to eat for a gorgeous panini and settled down to watch The Mummy Returns
  3. Watching Ricky Gervais Animals, it really made me laugh
Sunday 11th December
  1. Finally finished my coursework, I have never been so happy to see the end of a piece of coursework, it took me so long and really wore me out. I just hope I get a good mark now because I out so much work into it
  2. Went to Costa and had a lovely mint hot chocolate
Monday 12th December
  1. Handed in the coursework so glad it's out of the way
  2. Made some plans to meet up with my best friend next week when I'm back for christmas. Off to pizza hut buffet and for a good catch up
Tuesday 13th December
  1. One of my journalism lecturers held a little christmas party for us. Thankfully I managed to stay fairly sober (I wasn't in a good way after the party he threw at Easter) however the same can't be said for Josh, I won't go into detail as to what he actually did because it's not pretty but never have a been more embarassed in my life. He was the perfect example of why alcohol is bad
  2. We baked a cake in the morning, vanilla sponge with buttercream and topped with Dairy Milk
  3. Luckily Josh sobered up pretty quick after collapsing into bed and woke up feeling fine so we had some of the cake which was lovely

Our yummy cake

Wednesday 14th December
  1. Filmed a video for my blog, it's going up at the end of the year/start of the new year as it's a my favourite products of 2011 video. I've really got into doing video's for my blog
  2. Bought a gorgeous nail varnish for 99p from Bodycare, it looks so much like OPI's Rainbow Connection (even though I don't own that). It's soo glittery and I can't stop looking at it. It's that good it's getting a full post dedicated to it next week!
  3. Watched the Royal Variety show which was pretty good
A sneak peak at my lovely nail polish, full post on it coming next week because this photo doesn't do it any justice!

Thursday 15th December
  1. Went to see Arthur Christmas, there was only me and Josh in the cinema! It was so good though, I really enjoyed it. I wrote a review for it here
  2. We had a little christmas picnic (indoors obviously!) with so much yummy food
  3. Watched Nativity which was really good but all the songs get stuck in my head
Little buffet, sticky chicken, tikka chicken, crisps, chips, egg custards and yorkshire puddings (because Josh loves them!)

Friday 16th December
  1. Packed my case ready to go back tomorrow, now packing didn't make me happy but the fact that it's going to be christmas soon and I've a lot to look forwards to next week makes me really happy
  2. Went to Costa and had a mint hot chocolate
  3. Had chips and curry sauce for tea, bad I know but it tastes so good
  4. Watched Muppets Christmas Carol my favourite ever christmas film. It just makes me so happy!


  1. I really want that nail polish!

  2. That cake looks delish! And congrats on finishing your coursework, I remember how great it used to feel once something was done and out of the way!


  3. that nail polish looks amazing! i'll definitely look for your full post on it.

    just wanted to say i came across your blog today and it's really nice!

    from helen @ thelovecatsINC


  4. Cherry - it's amazing!

    Elouise - thanks, it feels so good to get work out of the way!

    Helen - thankyou!



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