Happy List #35

Just before I start this weeks happy list, here's a quick reminder about my christmas giveaway which is a little thankyou to everyone who take the time to read my blog. If you've not enterted yet take a look at what you could win and enter here!

Saturday 26th November
  1. Went to Starbucks later on when it was dark and all the christmas lights were on. I had a praline mocha and I wasn't a huge fan of it, oh well!
  2. Snuggled up in pj's watching X Facor and eating Diary Milk Chocco's
Sunday 27th November
  1. Josh's parents came down for the afternoon and they brought our christmas cards so we'd have them to put up when we decorate on Thursday. We had a little look around the shops then went to Taybarns for dinner. It was so nice! I didn't think I'd eaten that much but I felt so full after, not good
Monday 28th Novmeber
  1. Handed in another piece of coursework and pretty much finished another piece so it's good to see all my work going down
  2. After a day of doing work and having barely any sleep the night before it made me so happy when I found out I didn't have to my Advantage module as I hate it
Tuesday 29th November
  1. Got a piece of coursework looked over and it barely needs any alterations which is pretty good
  2. Had a nice relaxing night watching Don't Tell the Bride and Tool Academy whilst eating more Chocco's (eaten too many of these but they're so nice!)
Wednesday 30th November
  1. Went to Ikea for a look round then had a hotdog
  2. Went shopping and bought all my christmas cards and the last few presents I needed
  3. Went to Starbucks after to relax, had a gingerbread latte
  4. Watched Super Tiny Animals, they were so cute, whilst I don't agree with animals being used as acessories then dumped when the novelty wears off I did enjoy seeing all the really cute animals that were well looked after
Thursday 1st December
  1. Woke up feeling really happy as it's the start of December. I love the run up to christmas much more than the actual day! Also I got to open the first door on my advent calendar
  2. Did my first ever blog giveway, a christmas one!
  3. Put the christmas tree up tonight, we put it up early as there's not long before we go back to Yorkshire for christmas. I love that Josh and I get to have our own little tree and stuff in our little place! We played christmas songs and drank Jacques (our christmas drink!) and eat Celebrations so it was a really good night
Couldn't get a photo of our tree as the fairy lights didn't show up but the first photo is a candle holder and two decorations that Josh and I bought each other last year
The second photo is of three christmas decorations from Paperchase

Friday 2nd December
  1. Handed in another piece of coursework, only one more to go before christmas!
  2. Went for a look around the christmas market as it looked as though it would be good this year...it wasn't, however there are some lovely smelling food stalls and I had the best crepe with lemon and sugar
  3. Watched Peter Kay's Best Moments, it proper made me laugh
  4. Had a very cheap version of Baileys but it was just as nice. It's a proper christmassy drink, escpecially when it's in hot chocolate
The best lemon and sugar crepe ever!

Sorry for the lack of photo's this week but I've had so much work to do and my final piece to hand in before christmas is so difficult so I've not really had the time to do things that warrant taking a picture of. Sorry!

Just a quick question too, has anyone ever ordered from H&M online, there's a dress I really want and my local H&M doesn't have it in my size. If I ordered it I'd need to be delivered in like 2 weeks yet I've heard some pretty bad things about delivery from H&M so what are your experiences?


  1. I love the "happy list" idea! So nice. That crepe is making me hungry! xo


  2. it took h&m 3 MONTHS(!!!) to deliver a playsuit and some pumps, but that was around May time so they might have gotten a bit better since.
    Oooh at your tree! I'm putting mine up today and can't wait!


  3. @pearlslaceandruffles thankyou!!

    @Eloise oh dear don't think I'm willing to test whether they have got better then!



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