Christmas Catch-Up

I hope everyone has had a really good christmas and got some lovely presents!
I've decided to do a little catch-up post seen as I didn't do a Happy List last week and I won't be doing one this week so you can all see what I've been up to in the past week and I can show off a little and show you some of the amazing presents I got (of course I am joking! In no why am I bragging about my presents!), now obviously I've not took photo's of everything but there are quite a few photo's so sit back and relax and enjoy!

20th - 24th December

Now the majority of you will know that on 20th of December I went to see Paul McCartney in Liverpool with Josh as that was my main present from him, if you missed out on the you can read my post about it here.
After that I had a quiet few days before going to Josh's and having an early christmas with him, we always open our presents from each other on christmas eve as sometims we don't see each other at all on christmas day and sometimes it isn't until the night when we both go to my mums, so it's nice to have our own little christmas. We spent the Friday not doing all that much except watching chritmassy things then we watched Polar Express at night, it's such a lovely film. On christmas eve (our christmas day!) we opened all our presents from each other. I just got bits and pieces from Josh because of the Paul McCartney concert but I loved everything sooo much he'd really put a lot of thought into the presents.

Presents at Josh's

Josh with his main present

All the presents we bought each other. Josh got me Paul McCartney tickets, selection boxes, Festive Friends biscuits, Paul McCartney book, Gok Wan book, 1984 book, huge bottle of Lush's Snow Fairy shower gel, Tangle Teezer brush, McCartney II record and a leopard print jumper. He also got me some MUA makeup but accidently left it in our room in Coventry so I've still got that to look forwards to!

Presents from parents, Josh's mum got me some bath and shower stuff, pj's and a little Benefit travel set and his gran got me the photo and frame

Ziggy wanted presents

Then Ziggy wanted to be a present under the tree

Festive nails

25th - 26th December

Christmas day was so good and again I got some amazing presents and a real good surprise from my dad. My mum also got me some lovely bits and pieces as I only asked her for the money but she gave me quite a few things to unwrap too. Dinner was so yummy but I was soooo stuffed afterwards, I couldn't move. At night I went to my mums with Josh and we both had a nice night there.
On boxing day I didn't do all that much, my mum made a lovely meal then we spent the afternoon watching Open All Hours boxset that my stepdad had got her for christmas so we've watched all series one already. At night me. my dad and my stepmum went through to my stepsisters and had a really nice night there. She's got a really cute cat called Toffee so I had lots of fun playing with her!

Some of the presents from my mum. Pj's, book, body scrub, chocolate reindeer, russian doll keyring and russian doll style cats they're so small and cute the smallest one is proper tiny!

Bag from my gran from Love Hearts and Crosses

 Some of the presents from my dad, the surprise was the Kindle as I really wasn't expecting that but I love it so much the pink case for it was from my gran. He also got me a Beatles calendar, Harry Potter boxset, curling wand, huge bottle of my favourite perfume, Soap and Glory lipglosses and a big fluffy dressing gown which isn't on these photo's.

I can easily say this was one of the best christmasses I've had in a long time so thanks to my family and Josh for making it so good!


  1. Merry Christmas, sounds like you've had a fab time! Lots of lovely presents too, I've been wondering about getting a Kindle for a while - might have to treat myself with some of my Christmas money!

    Gillian x

  2. wow looks like you had a good christmas! I love the key rings and the bag, and pretty much all of it, the festive friends are such a must! My dad got a kindle and you can hardly get it off him! xxxxx

  3. Oh you got snow fairy i need to try that! You got some really nice presents(:


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