Tuesday Treats #13

This weeks Tuesday Treats is a christmas list special. Unfortunately non of these things ended up on my real christmas list as my Dad (aside from Josh he's the only one who really buys me presents now as everyone else gives me money) asked me what I wanted really, really early so I scraped together a few ideas before I'd chance to look around properly. Anyways Josh has already got my present which is a trip to Liverpool to see Paul McCartney live again (little post here if you're interested) so he's only buying me a few bits and pieces. So this list is just incase Santa does actually exist or if Josh is feeling extra generous (I'm only joking Josh and on the very slight chance that a child sees this...don't worry kids Santa is real!) So enjoy!
EDIT: These videos have been deleted as I was no longer happy with the format and with having them on my YouTube channel. Please click here to see more recent Tuesday Treats posts.
  1. Amazon Kindle - after looking at these for quite a while I've decided I really like the look of them. The new one looks perfect for what I'd use it for too
  2. Marc Jacobs Oh! Lola perfume - this has featured on a Tuesday Treats post before but I love it. I got one of those little sample wipe things of it in Cosmo a couple of months back and thought it smelt lovely so I'd be really happy if I got this
  3. Benefit I'm Glam...Therefore I Am makeup kit - who doesn't love a bit of Benefit?! And this set looks so cute, I definately use everything in it
  4. Pink Tangle Teezer - again this is something that has featured on Tuesday Treats before but I really want one of these, my hair gets so tangled after swimming (and I got pretty much everyday) so I need one of these in my life
  5. River Island jumper - I love pink, I love cats and I love jumpers so what's not to love about this?!
    6. Pink cupcake hat - how cute? I really want this to keep my head toastie, I already have the River Island panda hat and I need this to add to my little collection
  6. Models Own Beetlejuice collection - I wasn't sure about some of the colours but after seeing them all swatched I loved them all so I really want this set
  7. Lush Snow Fairy shower gel - this is my favourite christmas Lush product and get a bottle without fail every year. I really want the big bottle they do so I could keep smelling like snow fairy for quite a long time
  8. Missguided jumper - I got so excited when I saw this as there's a similar jumper in a boutique in town but I know it'll be really expensive. Everytime Josh and I have walked past I've said how much I love it so when I saw this one on Missguided I was so happy because I love it loads
I've noticed that this wishlist is quite pink and girly! Oh well! What's on your christmas list this year?


  1. love your picks, especially that river island jumper! mine's huge this year- blogging really opens u up to lots of products and brands!


  2. I know which is good but really bad for my bank balance! xx

  3. Aw nice list :) I'd highly recommend the Amazon Kindle, it's brilliant. I've really enjoyed using mine xx

  4. Thanks, I think I'll get one after christmas xx


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