Happy List #34

Saturday 19th November
  1. Watched A.I after reading the short story it's based on for one of my uni modules. I've never seen it before but it was really good however I found it really sad, I was in floods of tears by the end
  2. Had a tuna melt panini for lunch, not had one for ages and this one tasted so good!
Sunday 20th November
  1. Saw the chrismas lights been switched on which was quite pretty. It made me feel even more christmassy
  2. Went to Starbucks after the lights and had a toffee nut latte
  3. Watched E.T because Josh really wanted to watch it. I wasn't that bothered but I actually quite enjoyed it because I've not seen it in ages
  4. Saw some reindeers in the town centre as they were there for the christmas lights switch on. So cute!
Tired reindeer

Pretty snowflake lights

Christmas tree

Starbucks times

Monday 21st November
  1. Bit of a boring day today and our microwave-oven broke meaning we had nothing in to eat that didn't need an oven, it wasn't too bad though as we ended up having bacon, eggs and toast which was quite nice. Not too good for losing weight though!
Tuesday 22nd November
  1. Made my CV look more professional for my professional experience module at uni so it looks much better now
  2. Didn't have to go to uni today as the lecturer was ill so that was pretty good
Wednesday 23rd November
  1. Got the rest of my professional experience planning done
  2. Went shopping just as it was getting dark so it was really nice with all the christmas lights on. I got all the stuff for my little christmas giveaway (which will be open on 1st December) I've not got much but it's all nice with suitabley christmassy and wintery names! I also got myself a nail polish which is a lovely metallic red, perfect for christmas. I also got some more fluffy pj's which are so snuggly. I really liked that Josh actually came shopping with me too
  3. Got a parcel from my dad, he'd bought Josh and I an advent calander each from Thorntons, they even had our names iced on!
Our advent calanders

My new fluffy pj's

A footless christmas onsie I found whilst shopping, didn't buy it though!

Thursday 24th November
  1. Filmed my recent buys video which I've been meaning to do for ages. It's only my second YouTube video that actually has me in it and I was really happy with how it turned out. You can watch it here
  2. Not really done much else today, I decided to give myself a days break before starting some more coursework
  3. Had my fringe cut (I can't afford a full hair cut that's how poor I am!) but at least I can see again now!
Friday 25th November
  1. For some reason Josh and I ended up listening to loads of 90's songs. BWitched, S Club 7, 5ive, A1, Vengaboys. All the greats! It actually made me so happy
  2. Watching the Jimmy Carr marathon on C4. So funny


  1. Ahhhh your pics of the christmas lights turn on are lovely. I also love your advent calenders! Such a good present from your dad! I'm looking for a onesie at the moment, that one looks nice! xxxxx

  2. Funny, we need to replace our microwave oven as well! It's been hanging on for dear life for a while now, but hardly cooks anything even or well. Time to crack down! lol :(

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  3. Becca if I wasn't so short I'd buy a onsie, this one was so cute!

    Aya, I live in private student accomodation and we'd only had ours 2 months before it completely stopped working!



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