Happy List #33

Saturday 12th November
  1. Did lots of lengths at swimming which was a good job really because...
  2. ...we bought some pick and mix to eat whilst watching X Factor
Sunday 13th November
  1. My mum and stepdad came to visit with mum's friend Colette and her two kids.We went to the Transport museum and there was a big craft fair on there too, Josh bought me some lovely red heart earrings and I got him a present from santa as a joke, it was a bag of different sweets like Haribo's etc and the tag said 'from santa'. Colette also bought me some white chocolate and cranberry fudge which is so nice and I got some cookies. After we had a little look around the shops then came back to ours so Josh and Joe could play with Lego. It was a really lovely day
Me, Danny, Josh and Joe. With the best use of a Wetherspoons drinks menu ever!

My little chauffeur Joe

A present from Santa!

My earrings from Josh

Monday 14th November
  1. Planned out what I was baking Josh for our anniversary
  2. Made myself a sweet chilli prawn stir fry, it was so nice
Tuesday 15th November
  1. One of my lecturers in Journalism got out his guitar and started playing flamenco music, he was so good. Just some sun and a glass (or jug!) of sangria to accompany it!
Wednesday 16th November
  1. Had some toasted fruit teacakes. I've been wanting some for ages so I finally bought some
  2. After uni in the morning Josh and I spent to rest of the day in pj's watching tv!
  3. Got some more christmas presents. Is it wrong that I've done the vast majority of my christmas shopping already?!
Thursday 17th November
  1. Baked all the anniversary buns for Friday. Now it's out of the way and Josh knows I can say what I baked. 2 mint aero buns, 2 Haribo mini cakes (idea stolen from a cake in Sainsbury's), 4 butterfly buns and 4 Dairy Milk mini cakes. I wasn't going to give them to him until Friday but I couldn't wait so we tried one tonight and they're so yummy!
  2. Watched a Youtube video about a sloth orphange. The babies were adorable, well they were a bit ugly but so ugly they were cute!
All the buns I baked

Friday 18th November
  1. Josh and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary a month early today as our actual anniversary is too close to christmas and we won't actually get to see each other then. We give each other a card and a present in the morning, I got Josh Cars on Blu Ray and he got me the remastered Beatles 1 album to go with the box set of Beatles remasters I bought a couple of years ago. We then had some bacon sandwich's later followed by a bun that I'd baked. At night we went to a chinese buffet which is just across from where we live. It was so nice, I'd definately go again. I was so full after. We then came back and just watched Children in Need
What I wore to the chinese

Josh and I before we went out

Our presents


  1. Aww lovely post, The buns look sooo yummy! :P xoxo