Happy List #32

Saturday 5th November
  1. Bought Josh a little present for our anniversary on the 18th, as I said in last weeks Happy List we always celebrate our anniversary a month early because it falls so close to christmas
  2. Went to a firework display which I did a post about here
  3. After the fireworks we came home and had a couple of Magners, watched X Factor and then watched An Idiot Abroad so it was a pretty good night

Sunday 6th November
  1. Had a toffee nut latte from Starbucks, it was so good! Quite possibly better than the gingerbread latte which has always been my favourite
  2. Watched the film Everybody's Fine, it was really really good

Monday 7th November
  1. Went in the jacuzzi after swimming, it was so warm and relaxing
  2. Watched the last episode of Mrs Browns Boys and I was crying with laughter. Seriously, watch the clip below!

Tuesday 8th November
  1. Had a KFC for tea, really bad seen as I'm supposed to be getting fit but it tasted so good
  2. Swimming was a disaster because it was so busy so we sat in the jacuzzi for ages instead
Wednesday 9th November
  1. Made myself a spaghetti bolognese, Josh doens't like it so I never really get to have it
  2. Looking at christmas Boofle things in Clintons, so cute I want all the little christmas bears!
Thursday 10th November
  1. Watching American Tool Academy - so much more dramatic than the English version which makes it funnier too
  2. Relaxing in the jacuzzi...again!
Friday 11th November
  1. Handing my first piece of coursework in for my second year at uni. So glad its out of the way
  2. Went to Costa because Starbucks had flooded, had a frosted mint hot chocolate
  3. Adding more books to my Amazon wishlist, seriously the list is longer than both my arms now

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  1. I love fireworks

    -Mia xoxo


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